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New Hampshire Home Tour

24 Apr

We love getting fan mail, because we agree that our paint is amazing!  Here’s some kind words from Deb in New Hampshire, and a peek at her lovely home. If you want some great ideas for primitive decorating, read on!

“Hello all, I am a real lover of your paint! Our entire home’s baseboards, interior doors, windows, wainscoting and trim are in Steeple White. The barn door is mustard, the table on the porch is pewter,  the kitchen cabinets have been one of your blues.  I think you get the picture… I’ve been hooked on your paint since the early 80’s. I JUST LOVE IT.”  Deb P.,  Alton NH


Dining Room Close Up


Dining Room




Guest Room




Closet with Heart Cut Out


Small Primitive Touches


Primitive Wall Arrangement


Coffee Cup Display


Beautiful Stencils


Barn with Mustard Door

Thank you Deb for sharing these photos with us! We’re always happy to hear from our Old Village Paint family of users, so share your beautiful photos, or call us on the phone with questions or comments!

I have lived a long time and am convinced that God governs in the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? I move that prayer imploring the assistance of Heaven be held every morning before we proceed to business.- Benjamin Franklin

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Is a Prim Entertainment Center Possible?

13 Feb

Primitive style is modeled after a time when electronics did not exist. So is it possible to create an entertainment center and stay true to the prim manner? In short, yes, we just need to follow the principles of simplicity, wooden materials, and historic colors. Above, notice the first example.  The effect above could be created by painting first with red, and then with black as a second layer.  Then, sand to reveal the first layer.

The next hutch or sideboard design– could be used as a TV stand and is  a creamy white with a wooden top.



You can also consider using an armoire to completely hide your television, which, on one hand, can be lovely if you are trying to preserve a feeling of history and peacefulness in a room.  However, as the size of televisions grow, it can be more and more difficult to find an armoire that will enclose said tv, unless you can restrain YOURSELF, and buy small.  This beautiful piece is a cream as well. Don’t you love the greenery?


I close today with this lovely blue item.  Looks like someone has been sanding just before this photo was taken. And indeed, to achieve this look, you would begin with  white, and then layer on Society Hill Blue.  Sanding at random spots will reveal white beneath.

As always- our company- started and still based in the USA has real people waiting to talk to you on the phone. We LOVE talking to people about their projects. What are you thinking about doing? Hoping to accomplish? We’ll give you tips and mail you what you need right to your doorstep. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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Tour This 180 Year Old New England Home

28 Nov

Join me today in touring a home that was built 180 years ago!  A log cabin was first built on the 200 acres bought by John & Catherine Sutton from William Penn in 1790.  Later, the family built a stone house in 1836, the current owners added a new brick addition.

If you enjoy primitive and early American decorating, I think you’re going to love this tour!


In the rooms to come you’ll notice Old Village Paint colors including: Townhouse Ivory, Cabinetmaker Blue, Salem Brick, Antique Yellow, Pearwood, New England Red, Colonial Green, and Village Tavern Blue.

I love how these red doors pick up the colors of the quilt!


Isn’t the four-legged friend in this photo great? It looks like it might be wondering: “Mom, what are you doing?”



This stove! I’m jealous.



Imagine going to sleep with a fire crackling in your room!


Thanks to the family that shared these photos with us!  You are doing a wonderful job of preserving the original feel of this home.  You can buy any of these colors online, or over the phone, and as always- call us- we LOVE to talk to our customers. 1-800-498-7687.

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How Could I Use Whitewash?

8 Nov

The two most common ways our Old Village Paint customers use our whitewash is on their interior walls, and exterior brick. Of course, it could also be used on floors, furniture, terra cotta planters, mirrors, trim, ceilings, exterior walls, craft projects . . . .

Old Village Paint Whitewash is absolutely safe for interior and exterior home use. We use the word “simulated” on our whitewash because our paint doesn’t include some harsh chemicals that were historically a part of whitewash.


To use our whitewash paint simply apply the whitewash as you would any latex paint.

We’ve found the best way to apply this to interior surfaces is to roll on a layer, and then go over it lightly with the brush, to create a slight design on the surface.

On unsealed exterior surfaces, we recommend you use Old Village Exterior Primer (#1236).

On interior surfaces use Old Village Interior Primer (#1234). (Simulated Whitewash may be tinted with universal colorants, but not with other paints)

Our simulated whitewash paint is available in two finishes: gritty and smooth. And this concerns a real TEXTURE difference.

If you’d like to see some photos of interior or exterior whitewash, check out this YouTube video.  The video also shows several other products that can be used to achieve a “whitewash” effect.  As always, feel free to call us with questions- 800-498-7687, we love to help our customers!

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Fall Home Tour

4 Oct

Today I wanted to share a beautiful fall home tour from Lindsay at My Creative Days.  I  really enjoyed her use of historic pieces matched with newer items, and the round coffee table, which she found at a yard sale and gave new life with just a coat of paint! Let’s take a peek into Linsay’s home decorated for fall!

“Grab your favorite warm drink and let me show you how I added fall to our home this year.


(Affiliate links are used in this post so you can find the things I am sharing in this tour. You can read my full disclosure here.)

As you walk in our front door and come up the stairs, you will be greeted by this vignette. There can’t be enough pillows or blankets around when the crisp, fall air comes to town. Extra blankets and throw pillows make a room feel cozy. The arrow pillow cover was under $3 from Amazon and it fits all seasons. The Hallmark pillow has the best message that I had to leave out for fall. I bought the burlap pumpkin at Target in the Hot Spot area and the rest of the vignette is yard sale finds and repurposed pieces.



I kept it really light and simple this fall. I just wanted subtle hints of the season here and there.

You may notice that our coffee table has changed since the last tour (things change often around here). I wanted one of these tables for a long time and finally scored one this summer at a yard sale. After a couple of coats of paint, it works really well in our living room.


The typewriter was another exciting find this summer. I have been looking for one for a few years and either they were too expensive or not old enough for what I wanted. This one fit the bill perfectly. Now, I can add fun messages to it whenever inspiration strikes!


I get a lot of questions about our sofa. It was a clearance find from TJ Maxx! We got in for well under $300!!


Like I said in my post about the Top 10 Things You Should Buy At Yard Sales, wood boxes can be so versatile in decorating. This shallow wood box was a great foundation for adding fall goodness to the coffee table.


An old fan, another burlap pumpkin from Target and more yard sale finds brings the perfect amount of fall to this table.



The other day on Instagram, I was sharing my dilemma about not being able to find real pumpkins anywhere. I was painting yard sale pumpkins to add to the fall tour. My dilemma turned out pretty well because I was able to get some pumpkins in beautiful colors this way.


It was so much fun having you over for our fall home tour. I am hoping you will come back again real soon. Until then, I will be drooling over all the other blogger’s fall tours. Make sure to check them out!”


Were you inspired? I was! If you are now planning a project, give us a call to get some paint coming your way, we can mail it straight to your doorstep.  1-800-498-7687.  We’ve got some beautiful, creamy white, off-white and grey paints or glazes that you could use to replicate some of the pieces seen above.  Happy decorating!  Jenny

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Do You Have The Bear Necessities?

27 Jun

We love this shop, the Bear Necessities, in Auburn, ME!  Come take a look around with us! This vintage market scale is gorgeous, I would love to have this in my kitchen.  Just so it doesn’t throw you off- the store is also referred to as Old Farmhouse Primitives.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.04.43 AM

These three clocks caught my eye, they could be perfect for a guest room, or any little nook in the house.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.12.20 AM

Look at these Primitive Colonial Treen Wood Plates and Flatware.  I haven’t seen anything exactly like these before.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.17.09 AM

I’ll stop with this primitive corner nook shelf, painted in Old Village Paint black, isn’t it beautiful?

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.19.47 AM

Here’s the link to Bear Necessities/Old Farmhouse Primitives in case you’d like to do some more browsing–  We love their stock, and appreciate that they use Old Village Paints on many of the items that they sell!  Enjoy their unique store.

If you’d like to buy some paint for yourself: shop online here at:

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DIY Essential Oil Display Case

25 Apr

Essential oils are part of many households now.  People begin using them for all sorts of reasons, and often find it hard to have just a few.  We’ve seen some pretty creative display cases in peoples’ homes and online, and we thought we’d pass on a few to our readers.

I love the simplicity of this first one, and if you don’t like the natural wood color in this example, you could choose a paint that matches your decor and add a coat of that color!





























If you’re not ready to build something, you could make a found item work for you. This reader used an old RC Cola case to organize and display her essential oils.


Finally, if you only have a few bottles to being with, what about using a beautiful bowl or collection of teacups? Remember that essential oils need to be stored upright, or the oils will start to eat through their plastic toppers.

If one of these ideas doesn’t quite fit, you could also look into storage solutions that are created for spices, or finger nail polish, since these often provide the approximate amount of space you need. Happy organizing!

I have lived a long time and am convinced that God governs in the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? I move that prayer imploring the assistance of Heaven be held every morning before we proceed to business.- Benjamin Franklin


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