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Choosing a Farm Style Table For Your Home and DIY Tips

3 Oct

Farm Style Tables are popular for a reason.  They offer lots of seating, great surface area for projects, homework or decorations, and a traditional, simple style that shows off their wood construction. Here are a few different styles- which one resonates with you?

1. Traditional. 


For this look you could find an unpainted farm table, (or a finished one that you sand) and then rub it with our clear or colored Old Village Paste Stain.  One coat of paste stain provides a low-luster, hand-rubbed patina. Subsequent coats provide greater depth of colour, greater surface protection and higher gloss. Paste stain can also be buffed or polished. White provides a beautiful bleached-wood or pickled effect. You can choose from these finishes:


For more directions on this process:click here!  (

2. Shabby Chic.  This style offers a sealed but natural top and a painted base.  (I love this one! It’s what I have at my house!) For this you’d use the sealing directions above on the top portion, and choose a glaze, white pickle finish or paint for the bottom portion.

3. Accent farm table.  For this table you’ll pick a bright color to add joie de vivre to your space!

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 7.29.48 AM

Choose from any of these colors:I think antique yellow, rittenhouse red or antique sage green might be fun for an accent piece!

Another option would be to use chairs as your accent pieces:


Remember that our paint can be used to paint metal! For instructions on how to do this, visit this blog post. “How to Paint Laminate, Metal and Other Hard To Paint Surfaces”.


I found my farm table that seats twelve at an unfinished wood furniture store for a very reasonable price.   You can look for something similar near you, or keep an eye out at antique malls, yard sales and in re-sale newspapers and websites.

Do you have a farm table in your home? We’d love to see photos!

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Take A Tour Of Old Village Paint Colors From Your Comfy Chair

19 Jul

Today we wanted to take you on a quick tour of our paints, not to hear ourselves talk, but to show you all of the different paints we’ve created with OUR CUSTOMERS in mind. So join us for a one minute tour of COLOR!

Couleurs de Provence: Beautiful, creamy colors based on the colors of nature found in the Provence region of Europe. Latex. Can be used on all interior & exterior surfaces including masonry.

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 12.12.41 PM

Metallic Colors: Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze– these are beautiful on special projects, furniture and custom signs! Can be used glazing or graining. Click here to shop metallic paints.


Gel Stains and Clear Varnish Colors. Available in 25 natural wood colours, white and clear. Recommended for interior and exterior use. Uses: Kitchen cabinets, paneling, furniture, wood decorative pieces, floors, etc. Darker colours can be sponged over to give a leather effect, or dry brushed for graining effects. Clear glaze can be used over any Old Village® Paint as a protective top coat. Clear and white paste can be tinted to create different colour glazes. One coat of paste stain provides a low-luster, hand-rubbed patina. subsequent coats provide greater depth of colour, greater surface protection and higher gloss. Gel stain can also be buffed or polished. White provides a beautiful bleached-wood or pickled effect. Shop Gel Stains & Varnish. 


Buttermilk Colors: Have a soft flat finish reproducing the finish of the original buttermilk paints. Are water-base, requiring only soap & water cleanup. Uses:
Interior & Exterior surfaces such as furniture, walls and architecture. Also perfect for decorative painting such as folk art, stenciling, distressing, antiquing, graffito or scribing, dry brush graining, and other faux finishing techniques. Shop Buttermilk paints now!


Oil Based Colors: 25 ready-mixed historic colours in oil base.  Low luster, satin sheen reproduces historic finishes.  Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces  Uses:
Wood, plaster, properly prepared drywall, metals, decorative painting; brush, roller or spray application. May be thinned with mineral spirits. Shop oil-based paints now.


Old Village Paint Colors


Historic & Vintage Colors :.  35 ready-mixed historic colours in water base plus 9 new Vintage Colours in water base.  A Soft satin sheen reproduces historic finishes. Soap & water cleanup. Uses: All interior and exterior surfaces including masonry. Shop Acrylic Latex Paints Now. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 12.32.51 PM

Goopy Paint Colors: There are many uses for GOOPY PAINT but one of the main uses will be a Primitive Distressed look. GOOPY PAINT can also be used for a raised embossed finish or a raised stencil on furniture and other surfaces with the proper primer. Shop Goopy Paint! 

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 12.35.30 PM

Not pictured: Whitewash & Chalkboard.

We hope you’ve had fun on this quick tour through COLOR.  We love deep, rich colors that will last and last– and that capture the history of our country.  Please, let us know how we can help you make your creative, household, or work-project dreams come true.

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What To Buy For The Handyman On Your Christmas List

10 Dec

If someone you love is always planning their next home improvement project- we’ve got some products they are going to thank you for introducing them to!!!

1. Wood Stain + Sealant

Help them stain, seal, and finish a wood project with just one application.

Old Village Paints has a paste stain or paste varnish that combine stain and sealant IN ONE.

For Use on:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • paneling
  • furniture
  • wood decorative pieces
  • floors

What they will love about this product:

  •  it possible to “work” with the stain and varnish much longer, finish all manner of woodwork – furniture, floors, even braining and furniture decoration. 
  • It dries with a hard even film that, looks and feels like a hand-rubbed multiple coat finish.

Simply wipe it on, rub lightly and allow it to dry. That’s it! It seals, stains and finishes in one application, and on soft grainy woods with knots it gives the finish an even appearance impossible to attain with penetrating stains.

This shows the stain and varnish on different types of wood:



For quick instructions: click here.

What do we love about this stain? It’s:

  • Available in 5 natural wood colours, white and clear
  • You can use it for indoor or outdoor projects.
  • Polyurethane reinforcement provides protection without the yellowing.
  • Oil-base with mineral spirits cleanup
  • Superior ease of application, simply rub on with #000 or #0000 steel wool in the direction of grain and wipe off.


Introduce your handyman to this quality, time-saving product!!!!

2. Oil and Acrylic Paint That Covers In One Coat.

What sets Laney’s Old Village Paints apart from our competitors? Our paint ingredients.  The rich, deep colors found in each can of our paint originate from natural pigments.  Natural pigments come from the natural formation of color in nature, like rust or ocher.   These natural pigments are the same ingredient found in high quality artist paints.  That’s why Laney Landis, Old Village Paint owner, often calls Old Village Paint “artist paint in a can.”


Big box stores, like Lowes and Home Depot use a very different system for making paint.  They start with a tint base, usually clear or white, and then add in a “universal tint.” Universal tins are manmade chemical colors, and they tend to be translucent.  Where you might need three or four coats of this type of paint to get a deep red, you’ll only need a single coat of our paint!  Cut hours of labor time and save money on your next project by trying Old Village Paint.

Another unique OVP trait? We still make paint in batches, just like we did over 197 years ago.  We mix up the natural earth pigments and the other paint ingredients and then pour it into waiting cans.  Just like you bake a batch of cookies, we mix up a batch of “solider blue” or “antique mustard.”  That’s why Laney’s Old Village Paints don’t need to be sold at a paint store, no mixing or tinting is required.  It can be sold right off the shelf.


When artists are painting a masterpiece, they use high quality paints.  They want to put down deep colors of paint with just a single stroke-and that’s what our customers can do with our paints.  So enjoy the deep natural pigments in our paints, they not only mean less cost and labor, but a more beautiful finished product.

3. Whitewash! 

Here’s a unique product to add to a handyman’s toolbox.

If you’d like to see some photos of interior or exterior whitewash, check out this YouTube video.  The video also shows several other products that can be used to achieve a pickling effect.  As always, feel free to call us with questions- 800-498-7687, we love to help our customers!

The two most common ways our Old Village Paint customers use our whitewash is on their interior walls, and exterior brick. It can also be used on floors, furniture, terra cotta planters, mirrors, trim, ceilings, exterior walls, craft projects, fences, etc.

Old Village Paint Whitewash is absolutely safe for interior and exterior home use. We use the word “simulated” on our whitewash because our paint doesn’t include some harsh chemicals that were historically a part of whitewash.


To use our whitewash paint simply apply the whitewash as you would any latex paint.

We’ve found the best way to apply this to interior surfaces is to roll on a layer, and then go over it lightly with the brush, to create a slight design on the surface.


On unsealed exterior surfaces, we recommend you use Old Village Exterior Primer (#1236).

On interior surfaces use Old Village Interior Primer (#1234). (Simulated Whitewash may be tinted with universal colorants, but not with other paints)

Our simulated whitewash paint is available in two finishes: gritty and smooth. And this concerns a real TEXTURE difference.

Any one of these 3 products could be a game-changer for your handyman (or handywoman).  Wrap them up and put them under the tree this year- giving them the gift of an amazing new tool for many projects and years to come.

Always feel free to call us with questions!

Toll Free: 800-498-7687
Phone: 215-234-4600
Fax: 215-234-4601

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Using Gel Wood Stain To Create Long Lasting Stairways

29 Oct

Heide Drewes shared these photos with us of a staircase painting project.

She starts by adding three Gel Wood Stain Colors to a stair tread.  The colors are: White, Heartwood Oak and Ebony.  After allowing it to dry, she finishes the piece with an acrylic latex poly coat.


The fun thing about a painting project like this is– it doesn’t have to be exact. Experiment a bit and see what creates the effect you like.  If you don’t like it, you can wipe the stain off and re-apply.


Notice how the different colors have given the wood some extra dimension.


I like the contrast of the stair treads to the glossy white finish.


Once this top coat has dried the staircase will be ready for years and years of use. We hear from many of our customers that paint jobs they have done 5 or ten years ago still get comments from guests that they look “brand new”.  This type of long-lasting wear will be especially nice for a high traffic piece like a stair case!

Where would you like to add a fresh coat of paint and then enjoy not needing to repaint for a decade or more!?

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