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Treat Yourself To A Paint Sampler

20 Oct
Who doesn’t love a sampler? I am a particular fan of chocolate samplers, cheese samplers, I think you can see a bit of a pattern here.  If you love crafting or home decorating, you might enjoy our paint sampler!

Here’s what it includes:

3 2-Oz jars of Buttermilk Paint = $14.40
3 4-Oz jars of Vintage Paint = $21.60
3 1/2 pint cans various glazes = $46.80
Colour cards and Li terature = $5.00
Total Value Worth – $87.80

Actual price: $69.

Would you love to have this to experiment with!?


Have a crafting party, or choose an item of two out of the set to give to a surprised friend as a gift.  As the weather turns cooler, it’s a great time to add a fresh coat of paint to a beloved piece of furniture, begin crafting some Christmas gifts, or invite the grandchildren or neighborhood kids over for a painting party!  We hope this kit brings you joy or helps nurture some community in your life.


I have lived a long time and am convinced that God governs in the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? I move that prayer imploring the assistance of Heaven be held every morning before we proceed to business.- Benjamin Franklin

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Outdoor Playhouse Ideas!

28 Apr

It’s spring! And my kids are delighted to be spending more playtime outside.  If you have little ones, or grandchildren, or next door neighbors who love to visit . . . check out these beautiful and unusual outdoor playhouses.

And remember our Buttermilk, Acrylic and Latex paints are strong enough to hold up to children and the great outdoors!

Buy paint here!

Found on

Found on

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I love this one! The little antique mailbox next to the door is the clenched for me!  It would be a great place to receive sweet notes, or little snack surprises!

And last, but not least, look at this primitive playhouse I found!

Found on

Found on

Add Spring Charm With Window Boxes

24 Mar

Spring is in the air!  If you are itching for an outdoor project that you can enjoy for years to come, think window boxes!




You can purchase a wide variety of window boxes at home stores or online, or, if you’re feeling handy, you can build your own.  Here are two links with careful instructions on the building process.

Step by step instructions on building a window box planter. 

How To Build A Window Box From a Pallet

Once you’ve got your boxes built, choose a color!  Black, Rittenhouse Red, cream, Colonial White and Soldier Blue are common window box colors, and our Old Village Paint is more than capable of standing up to the outdoor elements!

We’d love to see photos of your new or much loved window boxes!




Crib Safe and Exterior House Strong

20 May

At Old Village we like to say that our paint is “safe enough for your baby’s crib and strong enough to paint the exterior of your house.” It’s true!

So, whether you are planning a project for someone very small,







Or getting ready to make a large change, Old Village Paint is ready to serve you.










“Thank you Old Village Paint for your wonderful product. Not only do we sell and also use your paint in our furniture and retail store business, The Country Cupboard, but a couple of years ago when we bought our dream home we knew exactly what paint to use on the house. The home is approximately 125 years old and still has the wonderful clapboard siding. We were also lucky enough to find the original shutters to the home in the old garage. When it came time to paint the house there was never any doubt which paint to use. The house is painted New England Red and for the trim we used Colonial White. After some repair work to the original shutters and only one coat of Black Satin our new-old home came to life again. Thank you again for a GREAT product!” Sincerely, Kathy and Chuck Moore



Which Color To Choose?

29 Apr

I LOVE picking out paint colors for different projects.  Take a look at the way paint transformed the furniture below.


This dresser is too cute! It’s painted in Society Hill Blue.


Check out the mellow, calming Pearwood Green color on these kitchen cabinets. I especially like the contrast between the green and the black countertops.

Do you have time for one more? Here’s a beautiful piece that was painted at Spoon Sisters Tiques and Treasures












This piece was first painted black and then covered with Buttermilk Blue with some wax touches for the white.

What color might transform a wall, dresser, chair, desk or bookcase in your house? There are so many to choose from!


We’d love to see what you choose to do with a little creativity and paint! Share pics with us!

The British Are Coming! Well, British Red Paint At Least.

22 Oct

The Louisa County Historical Society is restoring a 16 x 14 early American home. Historians, carpenters, and masons are working together to carefully restore the structure to its original state.  This dedicated crew chose Old Village Paint whitewash and British Red to use in the exterior of its restoration project.  We are honored!

Once finished, the home will be part of a museum and a living history site.  I spoke with Elaine Taylor, the Director of the Sargeant Museum, on the phone.

Why did you decide to use Old Village Paints?  “I first saw OVP in a journal on a home owned by Susan Titus, a historian from New England.  We traveled to her home last year to learn about hearth cooking for the living history portion of our museum, and I was really struck by the paint she had inside.  It was this same color, British red.  We also had another historian who had used Old Village Paint whitewash, and he had been very pleased.  So we had two good recommendations.”
Have you personally used either paint?  “I haven’t used the whitewash.  But it looks so authentic, just the right amount of grit.  We’ve used that on the ceilingsand we’ll put it on the plaster when it’s finished.  Overprimer, it took just one coat, it covered beautifully.  But I did use the British Red myself.  It covered so smoothly, I was surprised at how little it took.  The depth of the color is fantastic, the richness comes through perfectly in interior light.  The deep red of the color is rich, but with enough brightness that it isn’t too heavy.”

The Michie House (read more here) was dedicated earlier this month.  “We’re going to have lots of people through here, and lots of questions about the paint.  I’ll give recommendations without hesitation. I hope lots of people use this paint.  I have a few personal projects planned myself.”
We’re committed to producing excellent paint, just like we’ve been doing for five generations since 1816.  Our Vintage Colours like New England Red, Loyalist Green, Lamplighter Yellow, and Soldier Blue can be seen on many restored homes in the United States and Europe.  We wish the Richie House restoration crew the best of luck as they work towards opening soon!