Custom Furniture Fitting Just Right

Besides quality and durability American-made, handcrafted furniture can also be made to order, fitting into a certain space and performing whatever function the customer has requested.

Here are a few pieces that were requested and built by Steve, an amazing craftsman!



“Another special ordered cabinet made by Steve was picked up by a very happy customer. This lady knew exactly what she wanted when she came in and knew Steve could do it. She wanted a cabinet to set her microwave on and gave him the exact measurements, she wanted a drawer with a cabinet below with adjustable shelves so she could store her unused blender, mixer, and ect. Notice the finish work, painted inside as well as the outside. He takes pride in every piece that he builds, the reason we were voted #1 readers choice in furniture. Old village paint wild bayberry green was her color choice. She was ecstatic when she seen it!! Of course I told him we need one like it for the store lol. Just one of the reasons to come see us for any/all your furniture needs.. he’ll make it just the way you want it!! We are located on hwy 50 just 2 miles east of the town of Bedford Indiana. Open Mon- Fri 11-5 and Sat 11-4.” –Beck’s Timeless Treasures



“This special ordered island/bar was built by Steve for a customer that came all the way from Lanesville, IN!! They loved the one we had in the store but asked him to build theirs with the cabinet doors on the opposite side, they were going to put it up against a wall. He painted the base Black and the top Rittenhouse Ivory with the Old Village Paint that we sell.” Beck’s Timeless Treasures

Do you have a space that needs an exact type of furniture to make things go more smoothly? Perhaps you can find an antique and give it a fresh coat of paint, or maybe, like the people above, you can contact a local furniture maker and request something made to order.

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