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3 Handmade Christmas Gifts

27 Nov

Ready for some ideas of things you can MAKE to GIVE this Christmas season? Creating something beautiful to give as a gift adds an incredible special touch to the process.  Do you have things in your home that a friend, spouse, parent or other special person made for you by hand?

We remember those things don’t we?

Here are three ideas of items that you can make yourself. For a more complete article on each idea, click the highlighted title of each idea!

  1. Advent Calendar: Many of you may already use an advent calendar to celebrate during this season of Christmas.  I would highly recommend it– as it brings visual beauty to intentionality of focus . . . To create this beautiful piece consider using some locally sourced wood planks, nails, and some Old Village Paint gel stain (stain + sealant) for a gift that will stand up to lots of use!a973e5c6e9baf70f7f0786cb435a50b2


2. Homemade Painted Christmas Decorations From salt dough to found items- you can create and give something original. This can be a great option if you need a Christmas party favor, or have lots of friends, teachers, and work mates that you need a thoughtful gift idea for!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.42.00 PM

3. Hand Painted Children’s Toys. I don’t know about you, but I love children’s toys that don’t need batteries.  There is plenty of evidence out there that simple toys allow children to use their imaginations as they play, teaching them about problem solving and relationship building with peers in a way that some “modern” toys simply don’t.

Here are a few ideas for some simple toys you could create at home…

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 8.44.44 PM


For paints that add a beautiful color palate, as well as long-lasting quality to your gifts, consider using Old Village Paints. We’ve been making paints for over 200 years!

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Deck the Halls: Ideas for Prim Decorating

6 Dec

Christmas season is upon us.  One of my younger sisters loves decorating for Christmas so much, she can barely hold back until after Thanksgiving.  In fact, this year, her husband was clearing the Thanksgiving dishes, and she was hauling boxes of decorations out of the garage. Are you ready to decorate?

Here is some inspiration for primitive Christmas decorating.

  1. Use primitive items you already have, add one or two holiday decorations and viola, you have a beautiful Christmas display!



Irvin’s Country Tinware

2. Candles bring a very festive, old-fashioned look into any space, add them to a basket,


or a more unusual holder.


If you need some candles, consider beeswax, they bring a beautiful texture into your home, and are also excellent for those trying to achieve a prim look.


3. Dress your Christmas tree using homemade or natural items.  How might you decorate if you didn’t have access to a big box store?


4. Incorporate wooden toys into your display (and gift list).  Many craft stores sell unpainted wooden toys, which you can personalize with your own colors and patterns.  Our sample set of paints is perfect for these types of projects, because you get a small portion of many different colors!  Look at this creative toy set, made with wooden laundry pins!


Happy decorating.  We’d love to see photos of your Christmas decorations.  Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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