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Prim Home Office

7 Oct

Fall makes me think about writing letters, sorting mail and making holiday lists.  And the perfect place for any of those activities would be in a cozy home office with a hot cup of tea or cider.  Do you have a home office space? If you need some inspiration- look at these beautiful prim home offices! This first one is very simple,but gorgeous! (












The green desk in this second photo is so nicely organized.  I especially like the boxes on top, that are much more appealing than the usual paper versions. (

primofficeClover Creek Country Furniture and Crafts in Williamsburg, PA carries several beautiful items that could help make the perfect prim office.  I think the most basic items needed in a home office are: a desk, good light, a chair, and a filing system that works for you.  Maybe you need a new piece of furniture, or perhaps you just need to repurpose something you already have in your home, attic, or garage.  A beautiful coat of paint could get your item ready to create your dream office space.


IMG_0004 IMG_0008 IMG_0009




















If you have a photo of your prim office, please share it with us! I especially love seeing how people combine modern technology with classic desks and shelves.  People are so creative!  Maybe you can create a perfectly prim home office for yourself this fall. Here’s one last photo to inspire you.


Recycle, Repurpose & Reuse Furniture

4 Feb

A bedspring used to organize household items, a dresser as an outdoor planter, a birdhouse made of rulers. I found lots of ideas I’ve never seen before! I took a couple of screen shots to give you a taste of what you might find there- to see the entire collection, visit the link I included at the bottom!

I came across this collection of ideas at, create by Carrie of the Painted Furniture Ideas blog.

Bedspring used as organizing element.

Bedspring used as organizingelement.

Birdhouse and dresser/planter. Cute!

Birdhouse and dresser/planter. Cute!

Washtubs repourposed as planters.

Washtubs repurposed as planters.

Can you tell I’m dreaming of spring weather and being outside in the garden?

More ideas from Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse Board.

More ideas from Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse Board.

To see more: visit here:

Have fun gathering ideas, and remember to share your painting project before and after photos with us. We love to see what you’re up to!

Barn Home

28 Jan

I have always found barns renovated into living spaces beautiful, fascinating and a bit romantic.

I look for them whenever we take long road trips; slowing down when I spot the tell-tale buttery yellow lights of occupation shining through their windows.

Above I’ve shared a few of my favorite barn home photos- which is your favorite of the set? Have YOU ever lived in or visited a renovated barn home? Share your stories and photos with us! I’ll add any pictures you send to this post. Email me at  Stories without photos can simply be added to the comments.

Vintage Phone Gets Repurposed

14 Jan

Three and a half years ago Scott Freeland starting using an iPhone.  But, it wasn’t a seamless transition.

“The phone was too small. I kept hitting buttons with my face while I was talking on it.” Scott explained. “For Christmas my wife bought me a handset that I could plug into the phone, but it felt incomplete.”

Scott, an artist and sculptor, decided to create something more substantial.  Drawing from memories of the home phone he grew up with, he sculpted a mold in his workshop and created the iRetrofone out of resin.


How cool is this?

An iPhone fits right into the front, the substantial base supporting the phone, and allowing you to use the handset to talk and listen. Scott even found an app that has an old rotary-style dialing face for the iPhone which he uses to make calls when the iPhone is sitting in its base.  “I call it the home phone of the future.” Scott says.

When Scott’s friends saw his new creation at his studio in Black Mountain, NC they fell in love.  Scott made about a dozen to give his friends as gifts, and then his wife listed the phone for sale on a popular handmade market online- etsy.  They had hundreds of orders in just the first week, from all over the world.

Scott has a map in his workroom with a pin for every order- now there are over 1,000.

I asked Scott what memories he had associated with this style of phone.

“I remember as a kid talking on it- stretching the cord as far as it would go to get around the room, and the fact that there was just one phone in the house. You had to wait to talk on it, it was more unique, more of a novelty.”

I love it when people like Scott use their creativity to combine the functionality and beauty of vintage items with modern technology. Do you have anything in your home that is an old fashioned, antique or vintage piece serving a new purpose?