Circa 1700 Farmhouse Painted With Old Village Paint Inside & Out!

26 May

Come tour a farmhouse built over 300 years ago! To preserve the historic quality and look of the outside surfaces and interior walls, the owners have chosen a variety of Old Village Paints.  We are honored!

Let’s take a look:


A beautiful wooden staircase sits in nice contrast to a whitewashed wall.


I feel  I could be walking in to sit by the fire with the original inhabitants.


Even though we are the oldest paint and varnish maker in the United States, (since 1816), this house was approximately 115 years old when our company was founded!  What’s the oldest building in your area? Has it been restored? What stories have been documented about it?  We have the privilege of working with numerous historic sites, because our paint is still made with a similar process and materials that were used 200 years ago.  If you’d like to tour more historic sites that use Old Village Paints, you can visit: Pennsylvania Farmstead, or New Hampshire Home Tour or the Hammond-Harwood House.  Enjoy!

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Early American Furniture with Pennsylvania Style

15 May

Keith’s Furniture in Newport, Pennsylvania is worth a visit if you’re ever in the neighborhood.  Among other treasures, Keith builds custom furniture for delighted customers.  (Thanks Keith for the photos)

“Barnwood high leg chest. Painted with Old Village Bar Harbour Gray and top stained Russett.” (Bar Harbor Gray is one of our brand new colors! It’s exciting to see it “out in the world!”)


“Old Village Antique Pewter on reclaimed barnwood. And handmade rat tail hinges.”


“Two reclaimed barnwood pieces painted with Old Village Pure White. The paint is also chipped then clean coated.”


“Just finished this reclaimed wood, live edge top counter island. 54″long and just 27″ wide. Just right size for two people with lots of storage (doors on both sides) and two full depth drawers. Worn off Old Village Black paint with dark walnut stain on the top. The live edge top is made of reclaimed oak.”


“New  island painted with Old Village Bar Harbour Gray and glazed.”


Beautiful work Keith! If you’ve painted anything in Old Village Paint colors, we’d love to see it. Our customers’ creativity is always exciting and thrilling to us.  Wishing you a wonderful spring. Time to throw open the windows, get out in the garden and get some paint speckle your shoes.

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What Could You Pick Up At The Town Trader?

2 May

Charlie from Town Trader sent us these beautiful photos of furniture given some Olde World charm with Old Village Paint colors!

To check out their beautiful, historic shop in Chepachet, Rhode Island, visit them online here!


This table is painted with Old Village Buttermilk Yellow.


Ohio Cupboard Rust.


This dry sink is done with Old Village Paint Chestnut.



I love the creativity shown in using this mantle piece as a decorative focal point.


One of the things I love about Old Village Paint is that even their creams and whites have such depth of color!

What’s your favorite color?

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 9.43.39 AM


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Wonder Horse Makeover: 1950’s and 60’s Childhood Toy Given New Life

23 Apr

Meet a Wonder Horse!

2012 Feb 03 005_edited-1

What is the story behind this horse? Wonder Horse is a brand name of certain bouncy, spring horses many of us remember as our toys.  This one I found with the broken spring rig dumped on the side of the road.  It sat there for a couple of weeks.  Driving past one day I wondered if I could paint the horse.  He was filthy, full of water.  Roto-molded plastic.  I took the horse and left the rig.  (It is not unusual for me to rescue furniture from the side of the road).

2012 Feb 03 001_edited-12012 Feb 03 008_edited-1photoDSC_0002

Projects like this for me are problem solvers.  My problem was how to adhere “good” rather than “spray” paint to rubbery plastic.  I looked into various primers and found one made specifically for plastic, then gave it a layer of Zinnser.

These horses were not gracefully fabricated.  Just two slabs of plastic stuck together with oozing where the parts connected, then carelessly air brushed.  I spent much time sanding to eliminate those lines.  Once the primer was on, then the color choices happen.  Choosing the colors is an evolving process.  I used both the Buttermilk and regular OVP acrylics and kept the flat vs. satin surfaces consistent with a layer of OVP finish at the end. The metallics are Rustoleum craft paint. The stand was fabricated out of an old school chair base.  This horse was a special model as he had a box screwed into his belly.  I removed it and discovered it was a sound box with a small microphone and battery.  I put in a new battery and voila, the darned thing started talking from an internal tape with a man’s voice, a whinny and a clip clop. It was activated by the rocking motion when a kid would bounce back and forth.  We have a local Agricultural Fair each year here on Martha’s Vineyard.  The horse was my entry and a blue ribbon hit.

How did you find out about Old Village Paints?  I have been using OVP and in particular the wood stains and finish since around the early 1980’s.  I originally bought both paint and stain at Factory Paint in Weymouth, MA.  I have been refinishing old furniture for years and years and the stains and finish are foolproof, the restoration colors especially refined.  I won’t use any other product, in particular the finish.  I use the paint consistently, especially because of the quality of the restoration colors and the paint itself.  If you need a red, you’ve got a perfect red because your colors have been so carefully researched.  No need to look further. The paint is extremely high quality compared to what is available in big box craft stores. It is not worth my time or money to even try anything else – which is like painting with water –  except when I need metallics.

Why did you choose OVP for this particular project? I chose OVP for the Wonder Horse project because I knew that the refined, subtle colors would give me the elegant look I wanted and that the paint would adhere to heavily primed plastic which is what the horse is made of.  I rarely have to mix custom colors using OVP but did for the nose and mouth of the horse.  Most of what I paint requires fine, clean lines.  The consistency of OVP allows me to get those sharp edges without multiple layers.

Thanks Barbara Baskin for sharing the photos and project details!

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Amateur Woodworkers: Meet Your New Favorite Product

9 Apr

If you love creating things out of wood, then you probably appreciate the uniqueness of things created to last in this throw-away culture.

Our wood stains and paints are made essentially the same way they were made 200 years ago– and they last and last and LAST. So that something you put time and love into creating will be protected and beautiful.

Here’s a run down of some products that you might find useful.

1. Wood Stain + Sealant

Would you like to stain, seal, and finish your wood project with just one application?

You can!  Old Village Paints has a paste stain or paste varnish that combine stain and sealant IN ONE.

Try these products on:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • paneling
  • furniture
  • wood decorative pieces
  • floors

What we love about these products:

  •  it possible to “work” with the stain and varnish much longer, finish all manner of woodwork – furniture, floors, even braining and furniture decoration. 
  • It dries with a hard even film that, looks and feels like a hand-rubbed multiple coat finish.

Simply wipe it on, rub lightly and allow it to dry. That’s it! It seals, stains and finishes in one application, and on soft grainy woods with knots it gives the finish an even appearance impossible to attain with penetrating stains.

This shows the stain and varnish on different types of wood:



For quick instructions: click here.

What do we love about this stain? It’s:

  • Available in 5 natural wood colours, white and clear
  • You can use it for indoor or outdoor projects.
  • Polyurethane reinforcement provides protection without the yellowing.
  • Oil-base with mineral spirits cleanup
  • Superior ease of application, simply rub on with #000 or #0000 steel wool in the direction of grain and wipe off.


Enjoy this quality, time-saving product!!!!

2. All Cracked Up

We’ve made creating a crackle effect on your next painting project as easy as we can!

Want to create an antique look or crackle finish for texture and interest? We’ve got a high quality crackle treatment that is as easy as brushing on a clear coat of paint!


We call it “All Cracked Up”.  Notice the finish underneath these two cans of paint, isn’t it beautiful? This was created with this “All Cracked Up” paint.

To create a crackle finish you begin with one layer of paint, then paint on the “All Cracked Up” coat, and then add another coat of regular paint.  Imagine the different color combinations you could achieve.

This photo shows a Pearwood color paint base coat, then All Cracked Up, with Steeple White on top. Notice how you can see the base coat color through the crackle effect.  Keep reading.



3. Cream Wax.

“Schrack’s Cream Wax.”

It is a soft wax that can be mixed with the paint or used straight out of the can for a Wax~Dry~Buff patina! What’s patina? “a gloss or sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and polishing” Our Schrack’s Wax is really nice stuff and half the price of competitive quality wax.

Schrack’s Cream Wax can also be mixed with any of our Old Village Paints to create all kinds of primitive to fine furniture finishes and patinas! It can also be mixed with metallic powders.

The photo below shows a wax that has been tinted with a darker color, and then added to a white surface.


Here’s an example of what it might look like if you used wax, mixed with a metallic paint/powder to add some unique character.


Remember that while there are do’s and dont’s to painting, there is also a lot of discovery and fun in experimenting, and wax is one of those products that offers many different options for that.  Grab a can and be fearless! Feel free to ask questions, post ideas or show us photos of projects with wax in the comments section.   If you have an idea that you’re considering–give us a shout, and we’ll let you know what we’ve heard from others who have tried something similar.



Here’s how they are using some of these products at Olde Possum Woodworks. 

Olde Possum Woodworks is a small furniture company from the Philadelphia area.  They specialize in pieces made in the 18th & 19th century early American style.  They proudly hand-make each piece, one at a time, hand nailing or screwing together each joint.

They are unique in that all their wood comes exclusively from local sawmills.  Olde Possum Woodworks uses Old Village Paints on many of their products for its historic quality.  To see more of their pieces, you can visit their Facebook page.   Contact number:  215-234-8190.  Let’s take a look at a few of their pieces now.

Old Tavern Style Checkerboard Table.  I love this table.  This would be a great piece at a vacation home or in a den or living room where grandchildren, younger kids or maybe even the young at heart could start up a game of checkers. And, when you weren’t using it for a game, it could be serving other purposes.


Work bench/tool carrier table, painted with Antique Pewter over Society Hill Blue. The second photo of this beautiful tool carrier table shows the underlying blue tones well.


Keep reading. 

If you are an amateur woodworker, we hope some of these products make your beautiful handiwork even more durable and pleasing to the eye.  As always, feel free to give us a call– we love answering the phone and talking to our customers!

Toll Free: 800-498-7687
Phone: 215-234-4600
Fax: 215-234-4601

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From Modern to Antique in 2 Simple Steps

24 Mar

Would you like to add an antique feel to a piece of furniture? Read through these instructions and then get ready to go from “eh” to “wow”!

There are several ways to make a piece of furniture look older.  For this effect we’re adding one layer of paint, to give the impression that the color we are adding is actually showing through the existing layer of paint on the piece.

  • Step One: Choose a base color, British Red, Soldier Blue, Corner Cupboard, Pumpkin, Wilder Chair Yellow, Bayberry . . . Grab one from our online store! Paint your entire piece the base color.  Or, perhaps your piece of furniture is already a color– if so then– skip to step two!
  • Step Two: Decide what locations on your furniture would most likely show wear if it had been used for many years and paint these areas.  If you’re not sure, look at some photographs of a similar type of old furniture online.  The places that would show the most wear are the places you’ll want to apply the new layer of paint.  Edges and place that would be often touched are locations that are often rubbed free of paint.  Dip your brush into your paint, and then, brush most of the paint off.  This technique is called Dry Brush Graining.  Use the almost dry brush to apply swift strokes of paint. (Watch the video I’ve added at the end of this post to see this done!) Allow to dry and enjoy your newly “antiqued” piece.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.25.56 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.25.23 AM

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.28.04 AM

Adding the paint in this way makes it seem that the top layer of paint has worn away, showing the bottom layer.  Questions? We love to talk on the phone! Give us a ring and we’re glad to help.

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Look at These Beautiful Colors of Provence

10 Mar

One of the oldest and most coulerful areas in the world is the southern most portion of France known as Provence facing the Mediterranean Sea.


Old Village Paints invites you to experience Le Savoir Vivre des Francais ~the flavor of French life.


Our collection of “French” colors found throughout this Region will lift your spirits, as they did to inspire the famous Masters Picasso, Van Gogh, and Cezanne, all of whom lived and painted here.

The magnificent gardens of Provence contributed to our unusual collection. Also included are interesting couleurs from the well known Ochre Cliffs of Rousillon, located in Provence.


Ochre Cliffs of Rousillon

These Latex Water Base Paint Couleurs will take you wherever your imagination goes, indoors or out. They may also be mixed with white to create many lovely shades. We hope you have as much fun using these new and inspiring “Couleurs de Provence” as we did in finding and reproducing them.

Colours include: Sunflower, Provence Yellow, Lavender, Midnight Blue, Royal Red, Pink, Sage Green, Green Fields, Cream, Ochre, Sienna and White.


  • 12 Designer colours from the hills, valleys and gardens of Tuscany and Provence.
  • Breath taking and colorful Mediterranean areas of Europe.
  • Many of these pigments are from the Ochre Cliffs of Rousillon.
  • These areas inspired the Masters – VanGogh, Picasso & Cézanne.
  • Satin Sheen Interior & Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex for all surfaces.
  • Soap & water clean up and thinning.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking and chipping.
  • Excellent wash-ability, adhesion & colour retention.
  • Very High Pigment content providing superior one coat coverage.
  • Old Fashion production methods make these products the finest American made Paints.

One last word, use good painting practices. Be sure the surface is clean. Sand lightly or prime if you are going over oil paint. Thin and clean up with water. Use a good brush, don’t hurry, and have a good time.

To order a sample of a particular color, visit here. 

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