Add Graining and Glazing Liquids to Your Craft Arsenal

24 Oct

Our high quality graining/glazing liquids can be used to add a variety of unique finishes to your next furniture or craft project.

Here’s an example:


A glaze is often a final coat, in this case the glaze is used to create a look of age.

Graining, is exactly what it sounds like, using the liquid to achieve a grain effect on your surface.  Here’s a graining effect achieved using a corn cob. Available in dark red, dark blue, brown, black, white and Clear Paste Glaze #1400.


We also have metallic glazing/graining colors:


Aren’t they beautiful? Silver, gold, antique bronze and copper. These pieces of wood were coated with the respective colors, and then dabbed with a plastic bag to create this finish.

Our graining/glazing liquids are a jelly consistency good for holding designs.  Use them for over any Old Village© Paint for decorative effects such as wood graining, combing, sponging, rag-rolling, stippling, feathering, antiquing, etc.

Questions? Head over to our Facebook page to ask anything, our owner answers user questions herself!

To order your own graining/glazing liquid and have it mailed to your doorstep: click here.

Happy crafting! Jenny

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Why Small Business Saturday Matters To You

17 Oct

Did you know Small Business Saturday is November 26? Just about 6 weeks away?

We believe that small businesses add a lot to their communities, bringing excellent service, unique products and keeping local money– local!


When you spend money at your locally owned small business, three times the money stays local than when you spend at chain retailers!  That’s money for wages for locals, and then money that they in-turn spend locally.  It’s a win, win!  So, how can you support local businesses? Shop there, and recommend them to friends and family if you like their services and products.  This small business Saturday (Nov. 26) consider trying to do most of your Christmas shopping locally!

We’d love to hear about your favorite local business!  Give a shout out in the comment section below with the business name, and why you love them.

We only allow small businesses to sell our paints, and we love promoting the stores that do! To find a local store near you that sells Old Village Paints, search your zip code! 


How do you support your favorite local business? Shop Local November 26th! So, why does small business Saturday matter to you? Because if you have a local store you can’t imagine life without, you need to support them with your business, or they might not be there next year.  Vote with your dollars, and keep your fantastic local businesses running strong!

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Lux Chalkboard Paint

11 Oct

As the holiday season begins to appear on the horizon, I wanted to remind everyone that Old Village Paints makes an incredible, high-quality chalkboard paint.  This can be a fun way to add character and a focal point to a dining room or guest room, or a starting point for a variety of handmade gifts.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


A rectangular or square portion of your wall can be painted with chalkboard paint, great for lists or highlighting quotes that are important to you.

Here’s a creative gift idea: paint a portion or all of a mug with any of our Buttermilk paints- cure in the oven, and enjoy a surface you can write on with chalk.  We know of a U.S. coffee shop that did this with about 200 mugs and Old Village Paint, and two years and maaaaany washes later, the mugs are still going strong.  They shared that this is especially popular with little ones who come in with their parents! So, maybe this is a fun gift idea for the holidays, or something you could make for the crew coming to your house this Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Whose cup is this?

I love repurposed items! These picture frames turned chalkboards are functional and have so much character! Where would you put one of these?


Our chalkboard paint is a creamy, sturdy paint that will cover exquisitely. Grab a pint or a gallon and get started!


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Fall Home Tour

4 Oct

Today I wanted to share a beautiful fall home tour from Lindsay at My Creative Days.  I  really enjoyed her use of historic pieces matched with newer items, and the round coffee table, which she found at a yard sale and gave new life with just a coat of paint! Let’s take a peek into Linsay’s home decorated for fall!

“Grab your favorite warm drink and let me show you how I added fall to our home this year.


(Affiliate links are used in this post so you can find the things I am sharing in this tour. You can read my full disclosure here.)

As you walk in our front door and come up the stairs, you will be greeted by this vignette. There can’t be enough pillows or blankets around when the crisp, fall air comes to town. Extra blankets and throw pillows make a room feel cozy. The arrow pillow cover was under $3 from Amazon and it fits all seasons. The Hallmark pillow has the best message that I had to leave out for fall. I bought the burlap pumpkin at Target in the Hot Spot area and the rest of the vignette is yard sale finds and repurposed pieces.



I kept it really light and simple this fall. I just wanted subtle hints of the season here and there.

You may notice that our coffee table has changed since the last tour (things change often around here). I wanted one of these tables for a long time and finally scored one this summer at a yard sale. After a couple of coats of paint, it works really well in our living room.


The typewriter was another exciting find this summer. I have been looking for one for a few years and either they were too expensive or not old enough for what I wanted. This one fit the bill perfectly. Now, I can add fun messages to it whenever inspiration strikes!


I get a lot of questions about our sofa. It was a clearance find from TJ Maxx! We got in for well under $300!!


Like I said in my post about the Top 10 Things You Should Buy At Yard Sales, wood boxes can be so versatile in decorating. This shallow wood box was a great foundation for adding fall goodness to the coffee table.


An old fan, another burlap pumpkin from Target and more yard sale finds brings the perfect amount of fall to this table.



The other day on Instagram, I was sharing my dilemma about not being able to find real pumpkins anywhere. I was painting yard sale pumpkins to add to the fall tour. My dilemma turned out pretty well because I was able to get some pumpkins in beautiful colors this way.


It was so much fun having you over for our fall home tour. I am hoping you will come back again real soon. Until then, I will be drooling over all the other blogger’s fall tours. Make sure to check them out!”


Were you inspired? I was! If you are now planning a project, give us a call to get some paint coming your way, we can mail it straight to your doorstep.  1-800-498-7687.  We’ve got some beautiful, creamy white, off-white and grey paints or glazes that you could use to replicate some of the pieces seen above.  Happy decorating!  Jenny

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How Much More Coverage Can You Get From Old Village Paints?

27 Sep

People who use our paint for the first time are often shocked at the difference between our paints and those they have used in the past.  I think of it as the difference between canned and fresh pineapple.  Do you remember the first time you had fresh pineapple? I do– and I remember thinking- this isn’t pineapple, this is– amazing!!!  If you’ve never tried Old Village Paints before, you should see what you’ve been missing.

Our process for making paint is very different than that of the big box stores, and it creates a very different product.  One that gives superior coverage and lasts longer.


When I was in my twenties, we had to buy the cheapest option on everything.  For some things it worked, and for others it meant we were going right back to the store 6 months later for a replacement.  Now, when I do projects at home, I use Old Village Paints, and enjoy knowing I won’t need to repaint for many, many years! Here’s one customer’s note to us:

“We painted our house with Old Village Paint 26 years ago and it was so easy to use. It really did go on like butter. When we sold our house the paint still looked so good the buyers asked us if we had just painted! We told them “No we used Old Village Paint 26 years ago!” Your paint is wonderful! Now we have moved and we won’t use anything else. Thank you for making such a quality product.” Carla Gerdes, Bucks County, PA


Wishing you a wonderful beginning to fall, and happy painting! If you try Old Village Paints for the first time, we would love to hear your experience, and see photos of your before and after project.

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Autumn Centerpiece Perfection

20 Sep

Look at what I found on Etsy:


Midnight Owl Candle Company at

This is simply. These are.  There are no words for how much I love these pumpkins.  They combine four of my favorite things: mason jar lids, cinnamon sticks, twine, and burlap.  Aaaaaaaaaaah.

There are two camps of people reading this blog right now, those of us who want to order these, and those of us who want to make them.  If you want to buy them, visit Etsy and the Midnight Owl Candle Company.  Click here to jump straight to their store.  This is their idea and I would love to send business their way!

To make your own, pick some paint and let your creative juices flow.  We have a creamy buttermilk pumpkin paint and a dressing table blue that we could send your way if you like the colors above.  Call us 800-498-7687 and we’ll pop something into the mail for you.

Or, choose something else:


I’ll leave you with a few more zen like pumpkins. Why do these make me so relaxed?


Midnight Owl Candle Company at


Midnight Owl Candle Company at

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Add an Outdoor Bench

13 Sep

Could an outdoor bench help you enjoy a favorite spot in your yard? With a book, a cup of coffee or tea, a best friend, or a furry friend?  Or perhaps you could simply sit down and focus on the the trees, the color of the sky, and the beauty around you.


I have seen many benches in various home improvement stores, although my favorites are in antique stores!  You can find one already ready for use, like this one by Rustic Designs and Art, or find and old one, and repaint it yourself.


The nice thing about repainting a bench yourself, is that you get to choose the color!  Provence yellow, sage green, lavender, choose something unique and fabulous! These are just a few of our historic paint colors, and they are safe to use indoors and out.


For some basic painting tips, you can visit this spot: , once there you’ll also notice a place to ask questions!


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