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Why Old Village Paints Are Different: Pigments!

12 Nov

What sets Old Village Paints apart from our competitors? Our paint ingredients.  The rich, deep colors found in each can of our paint originate from natural pigments.  Natural pigments come from the natural formation of color in nature, like rust or ocher.   These natural pigments are the same ingredient found in high quality artist paints.  That’s why Laney Landis, Old Village Paint owner, often calls Old Village Paint “artist paint in a can.”
Big box stores, like Lowes and Home Depot use a very different system for making paint.  They start with a tint base, usually clear or white, and then add in a “universal tint.” Universal tins are manmade chemical colors, and they tend to be translucent.  Where you might need three or four coats of this type of paint to get a deep red, you’ll only need a single coat of our paint! You might use several gallons to cover with their paint what you can do with a quart of ours. Cut hours of labor time and save money on your next project by trying Old Village Paint- you’ll never regret it.

Another unique OVP trait? We still make paint in batches, just like we did over 197 years ago.  We mix up the natural earth pigments and the other paint ingredients and then pour it into waiting cans.  Just like you bake a batch of cookies, we mix up a batch of “solider blue” or “antique mustard.”  That’s why Old Village Paints don’t need to be sold at a paint store, no mixing or tinting is required.  It can be sold right off the shelf.

When artists are painting a masterpiece, they use high quality paints.  They want to put down deep colors of paint with just a single stroke-and that’s what our customers can do with our paints.  So enjoy the deep natural pigments in our paints, they not only mean less cost and labor, but a more beautiful finished product.