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Simple Hand Painted Holiday Gift Ideas

19 Dec

Do you love getting crafty during the winter months? Have a few gifts yet to buy? We’ve still got a week before Christmas, so here are a few craft ideas for special holiday gifts! Click on the linked blog posts to read more about each group of projects.

Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags: Learn how to turn plain brown craft paper into hand crafted wrapping paper!  A fun project to do with kiddos.

3 Ways to Use Historic Buttermilk Paint at Christmastime Learn about how milk paint is made, some of the effects you can create by using it, and Christmas Tree decorations made of pallets, and hand painted ornaments.


Make Your Own Old Fashioned Toys  Casey Shane created the beautiful toy below using Old Village Paints! What could you create for your friends and family that might become an heirloom? Check this post out for some simple but classic toy ideas that will provide entertainment for the younger people on your list.



What are some of your most cherished holiday gifts?

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