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Do You Want to Start a Cabinet Painting Business?

25 Nov

Jennifer Alwood is running a very successful cabinet painting business.

She shared this BIZ TIP:

“I NEVER give a bid/price for my work in person. Human nature is to UNDERbid when a client is standing right there looking at you for a price…. ESPECIALLY if it is someone you already know. Give a range of cost if you have to, but go home, figure out what’s an accurate estimate and email it (you need a paper trail, no texting prices!!!). This is just one tiny morsel of wisdom from my “Cabinet Painting for an Income” webinar. Trust me, I’ve made mistakes, I want to help YOU to do it right.”

The live webinar ran on Nov. 4th, but you can still purchase the recorded session here for under $50:


We’re not getting any kickbacks on this webinar- we just want to help people move toward their dream of owning their own business!  If you’re thinking about doing something new in 2015- this might be a great first step.  Please let us know if you sign up for this webinar, and what you think about it!  We’d love to see our Old Village Paint customers thriving in a new business…

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

A Lost Art & An Amazing Story

16 Sep

From the 18th to the 20th century many settlers to the United States of America were of Germanic decent. In fact, they were the second largest group of immigrants, coming in behind the English.  They settled in and around Philadelphia and Germantown.  One of the many things they brought and contributed to the “new world” was their art.  Today we’re focusing on their grain painting technique.  They used this painting technique to decorate commemorative objects- for special occasions like births and marriages, but also to enhance everyday items, things they would use in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

“All reveal a sense of joy and desire to ornament and embellish the objects which enhanced and enriched daily life.”

Not many artists today have this skill- it is becoming a lost art. But we happen to know one of them- Heide Drewes!

Look at these beautiful pieces she has done using the Penslyvania Dutch method of grain painting:


I especially love the before and after shots of the medicine cabinants- it shows how much this pairing method can add in depth and decoration.

Both of Heide’s parents were German bakers, and they spoke the German language in the home.  She remembers growing up surrounded by objects and traditions from Germany, handmade, hand painted items from the Black Forest, the fairy tales and stories her dad read to her from The Brothers Grimm, and Steiff animals. Her introduction to grain painting is a wonderful story of chance, here it is in her own words:

” I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and one of those things actually happened at a farm auction about 35 years ago! While waiting to bid on a pair of hand embroidered pillow cases, bidding was going on of items piled on a flat bed farm trailer, filled with a lot of primitives and farm tools. One item caught my eye, a small wooden carrier with a handle across the top. I thought “oh, how neat” and perfect for country primitive decorating! The item was held up high… too high to see what it held and the auction help never held up what was in it. I held up one finger to bid one dollar, no one else wanted it and it was MINE… and it WAS meant to be mine! For when it was handed down to me, I could finally see what else my dollar had bought… old graining tools!

WIN_20140912_141207 (2)


Steel combs of various widths and sizes and old wood graining rockers that mimic wood grain patterns. I felt a revelation when seeing all of this, and chuckled because I knew this little wooden carrying box was waiting for me to find it and make use of it and it’s contents! It had old gray paint, but I painted it mustard with green trim soon after getting it. It would be a few years later, in 1990, that I would be introduced to Old Village Paints and their brown graining liquid, by a wonderful woman I had recently met… and have a chance to use the old tools. She had all the colors of Old Village paints chosen and bought, to have her old wooden floors painted… and also wanted to use the graining liquid to add details in places. So that was my first experience with Old Village Paint’s fine and time tested products, and I began using old techniques as used on early grain painted furniture that I saw in books and magazines, and then developed my own idea of using the graining liquid to make scenic landscapes, to make very special, one of a kind pieces of furniture and at times picture frames. The rest is history as they say…” Heide

Thank you Heide for sharing this story with us! Heide is teaching a workshop on grain painting this Saturday at Roger S. Wright Furniture in Pennsylvania, the class is full, but we’ll share photos!

Paint It Prim Classes In August

5 Aug

Hello wonderful Old Village Paint customers. We love meeting you, talking to you on the phone, and reading the emails you send us. You guys are amazing!

This August, Old Village Paint owner Laney Landis is teaching four classes on “Painting it Prim.”

These hands-on classes will show you how to give any item, new or old, a primitive or antique look. So you can take a chair, or trunk, or end table, and make it look like you just discovered a treasure in your attic, even if you just bought it last week.

laneylandisWe’ll be using Buttermilk paints, the all new and much raved about Goopy Paints, and maybe some Latex paint too.

We’ll provide some fun primitive items to practice on: like this pumpkin and crow for painting at Katie’s Kreations.katieskreationspumpkin


Here are the spots we’re teaching on our New England Tour
Call for the Class near you. Cost is $47. Our classes are very hands-on and we have so much fun! Bring your smock! Call 800-498-7687 to sign up.
Laney shares: “We had a wonderful Paint It Prim workshop at Katie’s Kreation! Met lots of new friends and painted lots of different techniques!!! Now we’re off Brambleberry Market in Carabou Maine for Wednesday night workshop!”
Painted Goopy Tan with Black on top, using a wire brush to age.

Painted Goopy Tan with Black on top, using a wire brush to age.

Using a chain to do some distressing.

Using a chain to do some distressing.

Saturday, August 2nd ~ 2-5 PM (We had a great time!)
Katie’s Kreations
188 Front Street
Owego NY 13827
Wednesday, August 6th ~ 6-8
Brambleberry Market
25 Sweden Ste D
Caribou ME 04736
Saturday, August 9th ~ 1:30-4:30
The Bear Necessities
35 Vernon St
Auburn ME 04210
Wednesday, August 13th ~ 6-8
Pepin Lumber with Tole Booth and the Elizabeth Shop
830 Cumberland Hill Rd
Woonsocket RI 02895

Folk Painting and Graining Workshop– Success!

3 Dec

A few weeks ago we sponsored our first ever Folk Painting and Graining Workshop.  We had so much fun!

We met at the Roger S. Wright Furniture Store in Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania.  Heide Drewes, an accomplished artist, was our teacher.  We were delighted that she brought her daughter and a friend, both of whom are accomplished painters in their own right.  So we ended up with three artists to guide participants and answer their questions.

(Photo: Heide Drewes teaching)

We wanted to give our workshop attendees something really special, so we had  a local Amish craftsman make beautiful raised wooden panels for each person.  We used these as the “canvas” for our projects.  Old Village Paints in creams, greens, purples, oranges, yellows, deep reds and creamy blues went on smoothly.  (Heide has been using our paints for years and absolutely loves them!) People chose from different designs and painted flowers, birds and Christmas scenes onto their panels.  Heide shared lots of techniques and tips that she has developed in her thirty year career as a folk painter.  To finish off our panels Heide led the class in graining the outside boarders to create a frame effect.  Beautiful!
The class was such a success, we’re planning another one for late Spring.  If you’d like to get a postcard when we decide on times and location, give us a call at 1- 800-498-7687 — so we can put you on the list.