Don’t Forget These 3 Important Steps BEFORE You Paint an Older Surface

18 Nov

In our “quicker is better” culture, many people often skip over the preparation phase of a project.  When preparing an older wall or piece of furniture the final product will be determined by what you do in the pre-painting stage.


Here’s how to prepare the surface.

Check for a solid foundation: The surface to be painted must be sound, clean and dry. Imperfections such as rotted areas on wood, rusted metal, loose plaster, loose or crumbling masonry, efflorescence, cracked or peeling paint, must be removed, repaired or replaced.

Clean the surface: The surface must be cleaned of any dirt, grease, wax, loose paint, detergent film, soap, rust, corrosion, chalk, and stains. (Oil soluble dyestuffs are virtually impossible to remove and may be sealed with a shellac type stain seal.)

Let dry and do one final check: Once clean, inspect for construction defects, material deterioration, proper caulking, glazing, etc. The whole environment should be brought to a condition that will prevent any subsequent change that may render the applied paint system ineffectual.

Once everything is repaired, cleaned, and dry, you can move forward knowing that the paint has the best environment to last, last and last!

Now you get to choose a beautiful, creamy paint to brush or roll on.  We have some amazing colors for you to pick from! Click on the link at the bottom to shop online and have paint or stain shipped right to your front door!

Happy Painting! –Jenny

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