Sunflower Yellow Paint Brightens Outdoor Sign

4 Jun
One of my personal favorite colors in the Laney’s Old Village Paint lineup is Sunflower Yellow.  It is rich and sunny without being too bright or neon.  I loved it so much I painted my front door with this color five years ago.
Here’s an updated photo of the door taken this afternoon: it still looks amazing!
So, when I needed to paint a sign for my private counseling practice, I decided to use Sunflower Yellow again.
I knew the paint would stand up to the sun, rain, sleet, hail, and anything else that our mountain weather sends its way.  And I wanted to be able to paint it once and not think about it again! Plus, I love this strong, long-lasting acrylic paint with soap and water clean up! I’ll take anything to make my project a little bit easier!
An added bonus for the color choice is that it is very visible from the street.  I tell my clients “Look for the bright yellow sign!”
Ready to get started on your next painting project? Get Your Awesome Old Village Paint Here!

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