Antiquing with Metallics

20 Jan

Check out this hutch created by Blessed and Distressed Women a shop in Erie, MI. (You can tour their beautiful boutique on  their Facebook page here.) They “offer quality, affordable vintage, antique and decorative furniture and accessories beautifully displayed in a boutique type atmosphere.”

“I just wanted to share this piece with you since I used all Old Village gaining liquids…ALL of the metallics, along with the white and black! This piece is quite a departure from our norm, but we had a request and decided to have some fun and experiment with your graining liquids! Take care, Marisa”


Graining/Glazing metallic liquid comes from Old Village Paints in silver, gold, antique bronze, and copper.  As you can see from the piece above these can be used individually or combined to create beautifully unique affects.

In the photo below the samples have been dabbed with a plastic bag to create the texture you see.  The next photo is brushed on and then wiped with the brush to intentionally create a striped look.


You may not associate metallics with antique affects, but here you can see how the two terms aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

This liquid is easy to work with and gives some room for correction through wiping and allowing different textures.

As always, please call us with questions.  We love to chat on the phone with our customers.

Toll Free: 800-498-7687
Phone: 215-234-4600

To purchase Old Village Paint online click here…

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