Crackle Paint Effect In A Can

17 Jan

We’ve made creating a crackle effect on your next painting project as easy as we can!

Want to create an antique look or crackle finish for texture and interest? We’ve got a high quality crackle treatment that is as easy as brushing on a clear coat of paint!


We call it “All Cracked Up”.  Notice the finish underneath these two cans of paint, isn’t it beautiful? This was created with this “All Cracked Up” paint.

To create a crackle finish you begin with one layer of paint, then paint on the “All Cracked Up” coat, and then add another coat of regular paint.  Imagine the different color combinations you could achieve.

This photo shows a Pearwood color paint base coat, then All Cracked Up, with Steeple White on top. Notice how you can see the base coat color through the crackle effect.


If you’d like to see this technique done in person, check out this video of our owner, Laney Landis adding the final coat of paint to a crackle project.  She also gives a few directions on how to create different crackle effects, using brush strokes or a plastic bag.

Here is another example of Crackle Paint at work:

The borders of these cabinet doors were painted with Colonial White and allowed to dry.  Then, a coat of Crackle Paint was applied.  When that was dry I painted over the top with Rittenhouse Green.  The paint crackles immediately!



A crackle effect can add visual interest, or an aged look.  Happy painting everyone!

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