Furniture Paint Effects: Using Steel Combs, Fingernails, Toothpicks & More

18 Sep

Last week in our post: Grown Up  Finger Painting we talked about some basic techniques you could use create different effects on furniture large to small.   This week, we’re going to look at some more ideas, and see more photos!!! I love photos!!!

Finger graining is a technique created by artist Heide Drewes,

“I just tried it on a whim, since I had painted many landscape paintings on canvas
using acrylic paints, which is what I used most of the time I’m painting.”

Heide believes the earliest finger paintings go back all the way to Cave Paintings.  This week, we’re going to expand your options by showing you some of the graining work of Heide Drewes.  She has share these photos with us (after lots of computer issues!–thank you Heide for your persistence).

“I use my fingers, hands, palms and of course graining tools and other found objects … like brushes, toothpicks, Q-Tips, corn cobs and more!”

The first three images below include finger graining done with: fingerprints, fingernails, and finger tips, as well as a steel comb and toothpicks.



“I use Old Village #1232 Brown Graining Liquid 99% of the time.” explains Heide. On the cupboard below Heide used the palm of her hand to create the swirl pattern you see on the side.


Below: Heide created this effect with Old Village Paint Pumpkin Colour and Black Graining Liquid, using her fingers on the sides and door panels.


Finally, here’s a smaller project, a picture frame painted with Old Village Wild Bayberry and Old Village Brown Graining Liquid painted by dragging a finger back and forth.


Are you inspired to experiment? I am!  Start on something small if you are nervous, or even consider using scrap wood to begin. Try something new and be sure to have fun while doing it! As always, call us with questions or concerns.

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