Smooth Buttermilk Paint in Historic Colors: What is Buttermilk Paint & Where Can You Use It?

22 Jul

Buttermilk paint was created out of necessity.  In early colonial America, when traveling painters were away from the city center, drying oils, pigments and varnishes were scarce and very expensive. Painters turned to an old country custom of using farm products, earth colors and brick dust to make their paint colours.

OLD VILLAGE has reproduced these products, staying as close to the original process as possible–except when certain materials were known to be unhealthy.  We have kept the spirit of the Colonial American Craftsman in producing these paints, preserving the beautiful colors and wonderful smooth, buttery finish they create.

Click the photo below to explore the colors available in buttermilk paint!

Where Can I Use Buttermilk Paints?

OLD VILLAGE Buttermilk Paint Colours may be used on interiors of barns, buildings, walls and trim, and on furniture and artifacts. These colours dry to a beautiful matte finish that do not destroy the texture of the wood.

Multiple coats will build a longer lasting and more opaque film.  You can add water to thin the paint and create a  transparent stain effect.

Below: A small cabinet painted with Buttermilk Paint: Wild Bayberry.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 9.55.34 AM

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