Is a Prim Entertainment Center Possible?

13 Feb

Primitive style is modeled after a time when electronics did not exist. So is it possible to create an entertainment center and stay true to the prim manner? In short, yes, we just need to follow the principles of simplicity, wooden materials, and historic colors. Above, notice the first example.  The effect above could be created by painting first with red, and then with black as a second layer.  Then, sand to reveal the first layer.

The next hutch or sideboard design– could be used as a TV stand and is  a creamy white with a wooden top.



You can also consider using an armoire to completely hide your television, which, on one hand, can be lovely if you are trying to preserve a feeling of history and peacefulness in a room.  However, as the size of televisions grow, it can be more and more difficult to find an armoire that will enclose said tv, unless you can restrain YOURSELF, and buy small.  This beautiful piece is a cream as well. Don’t you love the greenery?


I close today with this lovely blue item.  Looks like someone has been sanding just before this photo was taken. And indeed, to achieve this look, you would begin with  white, and then layer on Society Hill Blue.  Sanding at random spots will reveal white beneath.

As always- our company- started and still based in the USA has real people waiting to talk to you on the phone. We LOVE talking to people about their projects. What are you thinking about doing? Hoping to accomplish? We’ll give you tips and mail you what you need right to your doorstep. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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