New Life For An Antique Toddler Chair

12 Dec

James M. shared these photos with us of a chair remodel that he recently completed for some little ones in his life.

The first chair is one of a set that James bought for his sister’s children in 1960.  The second is a kit he ordered and assembled from Cohasset Colonials.   Here’s the first chair, taken out of storage.



“They were pretty battered and grubby, as you can see, but in pretty good shape for all that. All I did with the seats was tighten up a couple bits of the grass (they’re natural) and coat them with shellac. I ordered up some Fancy Chair Yellow, Child’s Rocker Bright Red, and Soldier Blue from Old Village. All the decoration on both chairs is also Old Village Paint, mixed from what I had on hand. You can see some of my mixing on a board to the left of the second photo.

You probably can tell that the chairs are glossy where the Buttermilk Paint is flat. Because they’re going to toddlers and I figure they’re likely to be spilled on, knocked over, thrown about, chewed on, and anything else you can think of.

I coated each with blond shellac and a couple coats of wax to make them easy to wipe off. All the finish is non-toxic and the wax tastes absolutely horrible, so I’m hoping they’ll stay in pretty good shape for a while. The shellac really makes the colors pop and very slightly yellows the finish, making the chairs look a bit like old wooden toys, which is the look I was going for.”

dscn2923James, we think you did a beautiful job!  And little ones always feel so special when they have a chair that is just their size.  Thanks for sharing.

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