Tour This 180 Year Old New England Home

28 Nov

Join me today in touring a home that was built 180 years ago!  A log cabin was first built on the 200 acres bought by John & Catherine Sutton from William Penn in 1790.  Later, the family built a stone house in 1836, the current owners added a new brick addition.

If you enjoy primitive and early American decorating, I think you’re going to love this tour!


In the rooms to come you’ll notice Old Village Paint colors including: Townhouse Ivory, Cabinetmaker Blue, Salem Brick, Antique Yellow, Pearwood, New England Red, Colonial Green, and Village Tavern Blue.

I love how these red doors pick up the colors of the quilt!


Isn’t the four-legged friend in this photo great? It looks like it might be wondering: “Mom, what are you doing?”



This stove! I’m jealous.



Imagine going to sleep with a fire crackling in your room!


Thanks to the family that shared these photos with us!  You are doing a wonderful job of preserving the original feel of this home.  You can buy any of these colors online, or over the phone, and as always- call us- we LOVE to talk to our customers. 1-800-498-7687.

To find a dealer near you: click here!




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