How To Use Schrack’s Wax to Add Color or Shimmer to Furniture.

12 Nov

Not many people know that along with paint, we also sell a wonderful wax, called “Schrack’s  Wax.” Two hundred years ago when our company first started selling paints we were called “C. Schrack and Co.” , hence “Schrack’s Wax”.

This is a wax that can be mixed with the paint or used straight out of the can for a Wax~Dry~Buff patina! It’s very high quality and half the price of competitive quality wax.


Schrack’s Wax can also be mixed with any of our Old Village Paints to create all kinds of primitive to fine furniture finishes and patinas! It can also be mixed with metallic powders. To mix our wax with a color, it first needs to be softened up.  We’ve found the easiest way to do this is with a mug warmer.  Another option is to put the entire can in a crockpot and heat it up that way. Be careful–either way the can, as well as the wax is going to be hot and could burn you if you’re not careful!

The photo below shows a wax that has been tinted with a darker color, and then added to a white surface.


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Here’s an example of what it might look like if you used wax, mixed with a metallic paint/powder to add some unique character.


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Remember that while there are do’s and dont’s to painting, there is also a lot of discovery and fun in experimenting, and wax is one of those products that offers many different options for that.  Grab a can and be fearless!

Feel free to ask questions, post ideas or show us photos of projects with wax in the comments section.  We love hearing from the great big world of crafters, DIYers and decorators.

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