Add Graining and Glazing Liquids to Your Craft Arsenal

24 Oct

Our high quality graining/glazing liquids can be used to add a variety of unique finishes to your next furniture or craft project.

Here’s an example:


A glaze is often a final coat, in this case the glaze is used to create a look of age.

Graining, is exactly what it sounds like, using the liquid to achieve a grain effect on your surface.  Here’s a graining effect achieved using a corn cob. Available in dark red, dark blue, brown, black, white and Clear Paste Glaze #1400.


We also have metallic glazing/graining colors:


Aren’t they beautiful? Silver, gold, antique bronze and copper. These pieces of wood were coated with the respective colors, and then dabbed with a plastic bag to create this finish.

Our graining/glazing liquids are a jelly consistency good for holding designs.  Use them for over any Old Village© Paint for decorative effects such as wood graining, combing, sponging, rag-rolling, stippling, feathering, antiquing, etc.

Questions? Head over to our Facebook page to ask anything, our owner answers user questions herself!

To order your own graining/glazing liquid and have it mailed to your doorstep: click here.

Happy crafting! Jenny

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