Lux Chalkboard Paint

11 Oct

As the holiday season begins to appear on the horizon, I wanted to remind everyone that Old Village Paints makes an incredible, high-quality chalkboard paint.  This can be a fun way to add character and a focal point to a dining room or guest room, or a starting point for a variety of handmade gifts.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


A rectangular or square portion of your wall can be painted with chalkboard paint, great for lists or highlighting quotes that are important to you.

Here’s a creative gift idea: paint a portion or all of a mug with any of our Buttermilk paints- cure in the oven, and enjoy a surface you can write on with chalk.  We know of a U.S. coffee shop that did this with about 200 mugs and Old Village Paint, and two years and maaaaany washes later, the mugs are still going strong.  They shared that this is especially popular with little ones who come in with their parents! So, maybe this is a fun gift idea for the holidays, or something you could make for the crew coming to your house this Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Whose cup is this?

I love repurposed items! These picture frames turned chalkboards are functional and have so much character! Where would you put one of these?


Our chalkboard paint is a creamy, sturdy paint that will cover exquisitely. Grab a pint or a gallon and get started!


To find your nearest dealer click here…
To purchase Old Village Paint online click here…

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