Antique Furniture in 2 Easy Steps

30 May

We have a video for you today- but first we’ll go over the main steps.

For this effect we’re adding one layer of paint, to give the impression that the color we are adding is actually showing through the existing layer of paint on the piece.

  • Step One: Choose a base color,Picture Frame Cream, New England Red, Antique Yellow, Pumpkin Spice . . . Grab one from our online store! Paint your entire piece the base color.  Or, perhaps your piece of furniture is already a color– then– skip to step two!


  • Step Two: Decide what locations on your furniture would most likely show wear if it had been used for many years.  If you’re not sure, look at some photographs of a similar type of old furniture online.  The places that would show the most wear are the places you’ll want to apply the new layer of paint.  One great rule of thumb is to pay special attention to edges.  Dip your brush into your paint, and then, brush most of the paint off.  This technique is called Dry Brush Graining.  Use the almost dry brush to apply swift strokes of paint. (Watch the video to see this done!) Allow to dry and enjoy your newly “antiqued” piece.

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