DIY Essential Oil Display Case

25 Apr

Essential oils are part of many households now.  People begin using them for all sorts of reasons, and often find it hard to have just a few.  We’ve seen some pretty creative display cases in peoples’ homes and online, and we thought we’d pass on a few to our readers.

I love the simplicity of this first one, and if you don’t like the natural wood color in this example, you could choose a paint that matches your decor and add a coat of that color!





























If you’re not ready to build something, you could make a found item work for you. This reader used an old RC Cola case to organize and display her essential oils.


Finally, if you only have a few bottles to being with, what about using a beautiful bowl or collection of teacups? Remember that essential oils need to be stored upright, or the oils will start to eat through their plastic toppers.

If one of these ideas doesn’t quite fit, you could also look into storage solutions that are created for spices, or finger nail polish, since these often provide the approximate amount of space you need. Happy organizing!

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