How To Create A Quilt Display

28 Mar

Last year we wrote about a quilt display case in a blog post that became a reader favorite.  (Check it out here: Quilt Cabinet)

Today, we wanted to talk about an easier, but still very beautiful, way to display one or several quilts.  A sturdy display rod.

You can build, or have built, a custom display rack, like the one pictured here:


Or you could use a heavy curtain rod and mount it to the wall, for use as a display.


Notice, I keep using words like “heavy” and “sturdy”.  You can imagine that one, or multiple quilts are going to weigh a great deal more than your average curtain.  So be sure to choose something that will be able to support what you are planning to display, and to mount the hardware to studs behind your wall and not just sheetrock.


If you’re planning to display the entire quilt, and not fold it over, you’ll need to use hardware like clips, or sew a simple pocket onto the back of the quilt to slide the rod through.

Use a clear stain to add a finish to wood, or a beautiful antique color that complements the quilt itself! Shop for paint in our online store.

Finally, because I can’t help myself, here’s one more quilt display idea that I loved. Isn’t it cute?!? Simple nobs with heavy duty twine, and the quilts draped over it.  If you’ve got a quilt display – we’d love to see it! Share with us here or on our Facebook page!


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