How To Make Your Own Painted Sign this Christmas

8 Dec

Would you like to paint a sign to use for decoration, or maybe as a special gift this year?  The advantage to painting your own sign is the freedom to choose the saying, quote, Scripture, or family name yourself, as well as the font, style, and colors to match your preferences perfectly.

Here are some examples of beautiful signs we found to inspire you:




Here’s how you can paint your own sign with raised lettering:

  1. Spray stencil adhesive to the back of the stencil and firmly press the stencil to the area you wish to emboss.
  2. With a spatula scoop out some Old Village Goopy paint and carefully apply it to the stencil to fill in all the openings to the edges.
  3. Let it settle for a few minutes then gently remove stencil and let it dry.
  4. Paint any Old Village Buttermilk or Vintage Paint colour you choose on top and allow to dry.
  5. Sand gently to reveal edges of your embossing.
  6. Wax (if desired) with Schrack’s Cream Wax either Dark Brown or Clear. Or Antique with Old Village Brown or Black Antiquing Liquid.

If you prefer your sign to have a smooth finish, simply omit the Goopy paint and choose one of our many Old Village Paint colors!

To shop colors click HERE!

Warmly, Jenny


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