3 Ways To Use Historic Buttermilk Paint at Christmastime!

16 Nov

First, I do not want to be accused of ignoring Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is such a special time of contemplation, and I am looking forward to celebrating it.  This post is not encouraging you to decorate early or skip past Thanksgiving, but to allow you to file these ideas into your toolbox, to be used whenever you desire, so that your Christmas season might have more hushed moments of awe than rushed moments of BLAH! (was the rhyming too much?)

First, what is milk or buttermilk paint?

Milk paint is a natural, water based paint made by incorporating milk and pigments. It offers a huge range of uses.

Our milk paint colours dry to a beautiful matte finish that does not hide the texture of wood. Multiple coats will build a longer lasting and more opaque film. By adding water, a transparent stain effect can be attained.You can use it to paint or antique furniture, paint or stencil walls, or to achieve a variety of painting effects like splattering or stippling.

buttermilkpaintsJust look at these beautiful colors!

Milk paints have been used since long before paints were mass produced, and people recognize their look as historic because they have seen them on walls and furniture in historic homes.

3 Ways To Use These Colors at Christmastime:

  1. Create an accent craft.  Milk paints can offer this glaze affect: we love these Christmas trees created out of pallet wood.

    From wildflowersandpistols.com

    From wildflowersandpistols.com

  2. Add new life and historic charm to a table that can serve as your buffet or Christmas display.  I’ve seen buffets hold Christmas villages, Christmas card displays, antique ornaments in glass bowls. etc.
  3. Send your greetings out with milk painted ornaments attached! What a unique Christmas card.  You can find unpainted wooden ornaments at many craft stores, and this is a fun project to involve little hands in!

Sending warm wishes out to all of you as you host friends or family during Thanksgiving, and as we begin the Advent season! — Jenny

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