How To Paint With Whitewash

10 Nov

A whitewash effect adds something very distinct to a room or piece of furniture.  It was a popular painting technique (200 years ago) and has recently come back into style for its freshness and antique beauty.

We have a whitewash product that is safe for interior and exterior home use. We use the word “simulated” because this paint doesn’t include some chemicals that were historically a part of whitewash.


To use our whitewash paint simply apply the whitewash as you would any latex paint. We’ve found the best way to apply this to interior surfaces is to roll on a layer, and then go over it lightly with the brush, to help you create a slight design on the surface. On unsealed exterior surfaces, we recommend you use Old Village Exterior Primer (#1236). On interior surfaces use Old Village Interior Primer (#1234). (Simulated Whitewash may be tinted with universal colorants, but not with other paints)

Our simulated whitewash paint is available in two finishes: gritty and smooth.

If you’d like to see some photos of interior or exterior whitewash, check out this YouTube video.  The video also shows several other products that can be used to achieve a “whitewash” effect.  As always, feel free to call us with questions- 800-498-7687, we love to help our customers!

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