Simple Living and Old Village Paints

15 Sep

Simple living and minimalist living is a hot topic right now.  Has one of your friends recently asked you if you’ve read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo?  It has come up spontaneously in three separate conversations I’ve had in the past month.  All the while, I’ve been enjoying reading “The Art of Simple” blog, about travel and living simply in a way that focuses on your life’s purpose.  

Living with less means less time spent caring for possessions (dusting, picking up, etc) and more time doing what you love, volunteering, building, crafting, taking a walk, writing a letter, reading a book.  The early American decorating style that many of our readers and customers love reflects a simplicity of living.  This simple style that features rich paint colors and well-used handmade furniture is how American homes were being decorated back when we started making our paints almost 200 years ago.

Something that I love about working for Laney’s Old Village Paints is that not only do the paints reflect the colors of that time, they also still hold the same durable quality.

So many of our customers talk about how long our paints last- and it’s true.  Why not paint something once instead of once and then again a few years later, and then again . . .  you get the idea.  I hope that our paints can, in a small way, simplify the lives of those who use them, and bring a sense of peace and beauty into a space you love.

How do you bring simplicity to your life?

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