Create A Beautiful Fall Mantle

1 Sep
Are You Ready To Welcome Fall Into Your Home? I visited a beautiful home website last week, Rustique Restoration ( and found this lovely fall mantle treatment.


Let’s talk about some of the painting techniques you might need to create this look.
First, these shabby chic candlesticks.  What if you have some plain white candlesticks and want to add an antique look?


To antique you can use Goopy Paint.  It comes in three colors: Black, British Red, and Picture Frame Cream.

Goopy British Red base coat, Antique Yellow On Top.

First, you add one, or all three of those colors to the item you are antiquing. Goopy Paint is thick enough that the colors won’t run together, so you can add one, both, or all three in one step. Second, you let the Goopy Paint dry. Then, you add a top coat of Old Village Paint, covering the entire piece, including the spots you painted with Goopy Paint. Finally, when you sand the piece, the spots where Goopy Paint was standing up, and you’ll see that color underneath. Suddenly, it looks like you have an antique piece that had many different paint colors used on it over time, (as many as four different colors) and you only painted two layers!

I also wanted to remind you that if you need Black Board paint, to help create something like this cool framed chalkboard shown in these photos…

Found on

Found on

We’ve got some really durable blackboard paint that you could use.  (Get your blackboard paint here)
Finally, you can buff up your mantle with a variety of our natural waxes.  Beeswax, or Schrack’s Cream Wax.  We get so much positive feedback about how these bring original pieces back to their former glory.
We hope you have fun decorating your home for fall, bring some of the amazing beauty of this season inside!  And, as always, we’d love to see your photos!

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To find your nearest dealer click here…
To purchase Old Village Paint online click here…

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