How To Add Charm To Your Home With Vintage Items & Make Them Shine

27 Aug

If I could, I would be living in a renovated church or schoolhouse from the 19th century.  The history, the character, the potential.  OH. MY. WORD. This is the stuff my dreams are made of. If you want to take a tour of the schoolhouse turned home pictured below, get sidetracked here. 

Schoolhouse Turned Home

Schoolhouse Turned Home

Sadly, most of us, no matter how passionate, will see this dream realized.  But you could bring some of your favorite schoolhouse or church elements into your home.  Here’s a great example of a church pew nestled into a dining room, adding character and charm. (To see a fun tour of this entire room check out

Here’s an old school desk being used on a porch!

Found on

Found on

If you find an antique pew or desk, or other gorgeous item to bring home, here’s a few tips on making it shine and show off its original beauty.

  1. Clean the item well.  Imagine how long it’s been gathering dust, fingerprints and dirt.  You can use a mild soap and water mixture.
  2. Rub in a dollop of our Schrack’s Wax.  You can choose a clear or tinted color.  For these types of projects I’d be tempted to use a clear wax and let the color of the original wood remain.  Scrack Creme Wax works into the wood because of its soft, buttery consistency.  The result is a lovely lustre that resists finger marks.  If you would like a water resistant surface, try using two or three coats.

If you prefer a stain, you could use our Gel Paste Stain.  This will add color and a waterproof seal.  Here’s a customer who used this product:

“I am writing to thank you for sending me the Old Village Gel Wood Stain. As I stated in my email, I have used this product for years. I can even remember my mother using this when I was a child. Once a year I give my antique desk and my deacon bench a quick polish with a rag, let them dry and give them a buff…to see them shine like new! To receive an email from you the same day as my inquiry on your website and receive the stain via mail 2 days later was SO appreciated. TRUE customer service!”

Thank you,
Joanne Palmer

Happy hunting if you’ve decided to add an antique church or schoolhouse piece to your home.  If you find something, we’d love to see it! Send us a photo!


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