Do You Love Provence & Tuscany?

28 Jul

The beauty of the Provence region of France and the Tuscany region of Italy are acknowledged by those who live there and the millions that visit. Several years ago I had the joy of visiting myself and it was more breathtaking than I had even anticipated.

This photo, of a home in Tuscany, reminds me of one botched wine-tasting event we had while on tour.  We loaded up into our group tour bus, and drove through the Italian countryside just as the sun was setting. We pulled into a beautiful estate and our tour guide disembarked.  After several minutes we noticed her in a very heated conversation with a small Italian woman.  The volume of the conversation increased.  When our guide returned to the bus she announced that the owner of the vineyard had decided that she was tired of Americans and had canceled our tour before it even started.  Our guide was shocked (and quickly arranged an alternative) but I’ll never forget that beautiful home, or the vision of that tiny Italian woman shooing our bus away.

Found on

Found on

This is a beautiful lavender field in Provence.  Look at the richness of that purple!  If the beauty of Tuscany and Provence are well known to you, or if you’re just discovered how amazing these areas of the world are–know that you can bring them into your home with a new series of paints, based on the colors of these regions. provence_cc Can you see the same colors in these paint options as the photos above?  From rocking chairs and window boxes to indoor shelves, organizing crates or accent walls, I can think of lots of ways I’d love to use these at home.  These are latex, water based paints, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  If you choose any of these, or have already used one to create your own little splash of Provence/Tuscany in your home, please share with us! We’d love to see it. (We’re on Facebook, and it’s a bit easier to post photos there).

Happy Painting! — Jenny

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