Peek Inside With Us

14 Jul

We were excited to award one lucky Old Village Paint user a new Kindle last week!  We thought we would share a few of the lovely photos that we received over the course of the contest. It’s rather fun to see what other people are creating and arranging in their homes, isn’t it? IMG_8612 This country bench is painted with Rittenhouse Blue. Beautiful! And we love its contents too! 11059288_994823803883842_7067196815125206200_o This beautiful home is decorated with Antique Yellow (in oil) and Colonial Green to the right! Beautiful! 1167209_992623170770572_5893239600664344872_o This lovely photo came with a testimonial! “I can’t say enough about Old Village Paints & have used them for so many of my home projects. My outdoor trim (British Red), kitchen cabinets, (Valley Forge Mustard) stair railing (Salem Brick), bedroom trim (Village Tavern Blue) & quite a few small projects. I think my favorite & the one most people ask about is my fireplace wall in my dining room. I used Salem Brick & love the results! It gives my room the early American look that I want. I have attached a photo taken last Christmas.Thank you for a great product!” 11088543_994824137217142_480712107512118652_n Finally, Keith sent us this photo of a  lovely jelly cabinet painted Old Village Black with Antiquing Liquid. Thank you to everyone who entered by sharing photos with us!

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