300 Year Old Home Receives Beautiful New Paint Job

26 May
The Pelatiah Leete House was built around 1709 in what was the New Haven Colony, and is now southern Connecticut.
The owners have kept it beautifully true to its time period by painting it with Old Village Paint’s New England Red.
“Following our restoration of the structure from top to bottom in 2011 we could think of no better way to protect it and to enhance its natural architectural beauty than by using Old Village Paint.” Rob
The home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970’s.   It was first built by William Leete, the grandson of the governor of the New Haven Colony.  The New Haven colony was never officially chartered, and therefore fought a long and losing battle to the more official colony, Connecticut, to its north. Every year in June the current owners throw a party for neighbors and friends “to honor the sacrifice of Simeon Leete, a young man who died in the Revolutionary War in 1781 in a battle against the British just across the road.  He died in the Pelatiah Leete House the following morning on June 19, 1781.”
Over Three hundred years after its construction the home sits peacefully, now a part of the state of Connecticut and the United States of America.  unnamed-3
Many thanks to Rob for sharing these photos with us.  We hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day weekend, and we want to extend the celebration by saying “Thank you for your service” to all the men, women and families who serve and have served our country in the military.
To find your nearest dealer click here…  http://www.old-village.com/locator/index.php
To purchase Old Village Paint online click here…  http://colourcupboard.com

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