Primitive or Country Kitchen Spice Racks

21 Apr

I noticed a spice rack in a photo of a country kitchen this past week that added so much to the space- it inspired this blog post.  Often for me it’s the little touches in a room that combine together to create the character or “feel” of a space.

So here are a few ideas for creating the perfect spice rack for your country kitchen or primitive style space.

1. Use a found item.  That means repurpose a box or other container that you find at a thrift/antique store or yard sale.  Look at this gorgeous antique Coca-Cola box.  I want this!

Found on

Found on

2. Create an antique look with paint. To do this you could add a contrasting paint color to a wooden spice rack and then sand away to reveal some of the wood beneath. Or, you could use a technique called Dry Brush Graining.  Click here for instructions on that and a short video demonstrating the technique.

Found on www.

Found on www.

3. Put in a shelf.  Shelves can work well for any size space because you can scale them to fit perfectly.

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on

We hope you find your country/primitive bliss with the perfect spice rack for your spring and summer cooking. Have fun and enjoy the process!

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