Paint a Beautiful Bookshelf

7 Apr

I love books, and because I love books, I have LOTS of them.  For many a love of books comes with the challenge of storing books.  So today we thought we’d show you a few beautiful or unusual options for book shelves.  With some creativity, you could create a new spot to hold your cherished friends.

1. Converted dresser bookshelf. I LOVE this one.  To convert a dresser into a bookshelf remove the drawers and drawer hardware.  On this piece they painted the interior a bright contrasting color, while leaving the exterior natural. Beautiful!!!!

2. Old door bookshelf.  This bookshelf is amazing!  For this piece it looks like they removed portions of the door, and then used that material to help build the shelves.

3. Crate bookshelf. I’m including this one because you can find crates at almost any craft store, and this looked very simple!  They have obviously painted these for children’s usage, but a cream or white color could create a more shabby chic look.

Think about your space and choose the perfect color at our online store Colour Cupboard.

If you’re thinking about using a painting effect, here are a few we’ve gone over on the blog.

How to Antique a Newer Piece of Furniture

Pickling Effect or Crackle Finish

Antiquing with Goopy Paint

Happy creating (and reading)!


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