How To Make Your Own Quilt Cabinet

17 Mar

If you love quilts, then you probably have more than one.  You can display these beautiful pieces of art in a … quilt cabinet.  To create a cabinet that works well for your home and quilts, consider how many quilts you have to display, and the size of the space where you are hoping to fit this piece of furniture.  You might find an unfinished piece at an Amish store, or you could repurpose a dresser, china cabinet or display case to fit your needs.

Found on

Found on

Once you’ve found the perfect piece, you get to choose the perfect color!  Right now New England Red, Antique Yellow, and Black are popular. Or, if you would simply like a natural wood look, you could choose a stain.  Here’s the link for the supplies you’ll need:

I like the idea of leaving the cabinet door off, so that you can see the patterns and stitching more clearly, but if you’re also trying to protect your quilts from dust or little hands, a door might be nice!

We would love to see any photos you have of your quilts displayed! You can share with us here on this blog, or on our Facebook page.  stain01



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