3 Easy Painting Techniques for Spring

10 Mar

Add a little bit of body text 1. Crackle Finish: To correctly do this painting effect, you need to think in layers.  The bottom layer of paint is what will “show through” the cracks in the top layer of paint.  So first, choose a base layer.  Then, apply Old Village Paint Crackle to the dry base layer.  The crackle paint is clear.  Let dry.  Finally, you’ll add the top layer, this should be a different color if you want to be able to see two colors in the final product.  The crackle medium will “react” with the top layer of paint, and you’ll be able to see the bottom layer of paint through the cracks that are created.  Here’s a tutorial video.  This is a great way to add character or “age” a piece of furniture or door! 3a587dae2948be5477b12fe1a57d5c4f 2. Decorative Painting Techniques.  You can add a huge variety of texture to paint using common items from around the house, and this is how many historic painting techniques were done.  With rags, corn cobs, and cleaning brushes!  Experiment with wet paint and one of these items, and know that as long as you don’t wait too long, you can brush over any effect you create and try again!  Here’s a tutorial video with some of these techniques demonstrated. corn-cob-graining 3. Whitewashing/Pickling: To whitewash a wall or piece of furniture, simply clean the surface and apply the whitewash (available in gritty or smooth.) To achieve a pickling finish on a door, piece of furniture, or wall, mix 1/2 whitewash with 1/2 linseed oil and let sit for 24 hours.  Then wipe off with a clean cloth. Watch tutorial video here! 11 If you’ve come up with a Spring project, you can find the supplies you need at Color Cupboard. Enjoy!


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