How To Paint a Wall Quote with Raised Lettering

17 Feb

Do you have a saying, quote or scripture verse that you would love to display in your home? If so, you might want to paint it onto a wall.  With Goopy Paint you can easily add a beautiful raised finish to the words without any extra steps.

First, choose and order a stencil.  There are lots of options, from your local craft store, to online shops.  Here’s one called Say What that has stencils in stock, or you can have your favorite quote turned in to a stencil! (They also have a nice three minute video that shows you how to hang up the stencil.)

Second, choose your color.  Goopy Paint comes in: Child’s Rocker White, New England Red, Valley Forge Mustard, British Red, Picture Frame Cream, and Black. To find your nearest dealer click here…

To purchase Old Village Paint online click here…


Third, hang your stencil and apply the Goopy Paint.  Because Goopy is so thick, you can apply it with a tounge depressor or spatula, or even your finger!  Here’s a sign created with Goopy.primsign

Let dry, then remove stencil and enjoy!


We’d love to hear what you might like to add to the walls of your home! Here are a few ideas:

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