How To Paint a Metal _____________.

20 Jan

How To Paint a Metal . . . tub, trashcan, pail, watering can, or bed frame.

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Painting metal can freshen it up, and give it an entirely new feel, like the beautiful iron bed frame above in that gorgeous deep red. Now imagine it yellow, or creamy white.  So many options!

If you’ve got a metal piece you’d like to paint, we thought you’d appreciate a quick run-down of how to paint your specific piece so that the paint will “stick” and last for many, many seasons.  We have a few different distinctions between types of metal- so first find the category that best fits your item.  If you have something not addressed on this list, shoot us an email or give us a call, we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction.

For METAL (aluminum, other nonferrous metals, galvanized iron or steel)
(Note: Allow Galvanized Iron & Steel to Weather One Year) You must first decide if this newly painted item will be living outside or inside.

Interior & Exterior Application: Use one coat OLD VILLAGE MetalPrimer #1281. Then one coat OLD VILLAGE Oil Base Paint.

For METAL (iron or steel) 

Interior & Exterior Application: Use OLD VILLAGE Metal Primer #1254. Then one coat OLD VILLAGE Oil Paint.

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I love painted metal!!!!  I love the feel of it, the sound of it, and the look of it.  If you don’t have any metal pieces in your home, think about adding one the next time you find something lovely at a garage sale or vintage market.  Here are some of the oil colors that are available for your next metal painting project!


Send us a photo of your favorite painted metal object and we’d love to post it for others to enjoy!
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