How To Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

23 Dec

For the past several years we’ve painted our own wrapping paper at my house.  I buy the large rolls of brown craft paper and then let my children use stamps, crayons, markers, paint, and stencils to create their own Christmas masterpieces.  It’s fun, and it keeps them busy!

For a little more sophisticated end result think — patterns.

Something simple like these dots or triangles, or you could create a stamp out of a sponge.  Perhaps cut out a bird or Christmas tree.

Gift tags can be done in a matching pattern, or with a small complementary image. For example, if you used Christmas trees for the wrapping paper, perhaps you could paint or stamp an ornament on the gift tag.

Other beautiful Christmas motifs that you could use include: snow, Christmas lights, Christmas songs or certain words like noel, joy, or peace.

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to create, and gathered your supplies, you’ll need to clear a large flat area. (Quick supply list: wrapping paper, paint, paper plate, sponge, scissors, paint brushes, rinse container, Christmas music!)

Open out your wrapping paper and secure the edges with something heavy, like a stone or book.  Then, pour the paint onto a paper plate and begin applying your pattern with your sponge, brushes or fingers!  One really cute idea I’ve seen is to draw a black line representing a string of lights, and then add “lights” with fingerprints.

Enjoy this craft for some lovely alone time or with friends or family. Merry Christmas!

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