Homemade Painted Christmas Decorations

9 Dec

The Christmas season is here! I love the way that each household has a slightly different way of celebrating the holidays.  From baking to caroling to watching Christmas movies, everyone has their own special way of enjoying the season.  Is crafting one of your favorite ways to celebrate?  If so, here are a few ways you can bliss out in the next two weeks.

salt-dough-ornaments21. Bake and paint your own salt dough ornaments.  Thanks to 2shopper for sharing these photos with us, click over to their blog for the recipe for making these!

2. Found objects: Find some antique spoons at a local antique store, or even some plain glass ornaments and add your own winter scenes.










3. Unpainted figurines.  Visit your local craft store to find a figurine that matches your home decor, and enjoy painting it with the combination of colors that you love!

Photo Credit: Eusebius@Commons on Flickr.

Photo Credit: Eusebius@Commons on Flickr.

4. Think practically.  Would a crate by the fireplace for wood help add a touch of beauty to your living room? What area of your home could use a bit of organization? Identify how you could be crafty and add a practical touch to your home or as a gift to someone you love. (We found this crate at Michaels.com).




We’d love to put some paints in the mail to you today, or you can look for your local Old Village Paint store with the link below.  Merry Christmas! Grab your supplies and get crafty.

To find your nearest dealer click here…  http://www.old-village.com/locator/index.php
To purchase Old Village Paint online click here…  http://colourcupboard.com

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