Do You Want to Start a Cabinet Painting Business?

25 Nov

Jennifer Alwood is running a very successful cabinet painting business.

She shared this BIZ TIP:

“I NEVER give a bid/price for my work in person. Human nature is to UNDERbid when a client is standing right there looking at you for a price…. ESPECIALLY if it is someone you already know. Give a range of cost if you have to, but go home, figure out what’s an accurate estimate and email it (you need a paper trail, no texting prices!!!). This is just one tiny morsel of wisdom from my “Cabinet Painting for an Income” webinar. Trust me, I’ve made mistakes, I want to help YOU to do it right.”

The live webinar ran on Nov. 4th, but you can still purchase the recorded session here for under $50:


We’re not getting any kickbacks on this webinar- we just want to help people move toward their dream of owning their own business!  If you’re thinking about doing something new in 2015- this might be a great first step.  Please let us know if you sign up for this webinar, and what you think about it!  We’d love to see our Old Village Paint customers thriving in a new business…

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

One Response to “Do You Want to Start a Cabinet Painting Business?”

  1. Brian E. Mullin at 4:21 pm #

    I am re-going into Business!~ 🙂

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