Grow Your Painted Furniture Biz #5. Facebook Profile VS. Facebook Page

18 Nov
 A well-run Facebook Business Page can do amazing things for your business!  It can help people find you, help you showcase your beautiful painted furniture, allow your fans to interact with and brag about you…
And, setting one up is FREE.
What we wanted to cover today is the difference between a profile or personal Facebook account, and a page used for a business.
For a business you’re going to need a Facebook Page.  If you’re thinking “no I don’t, I just use my personal page for myself and my business.” You need to reconsider.  It’s against Facebook policy for people to use their personal profile to try to promote their business.  If they find out, they can, and will shut your profile page down.  And then it is very hard to get things up and moving again.
So, what can you do with a business page? Well, it has lots of great functions that were specifically created for business owners.
  • You can be “liked” (not “friended”) by your fans and then your updates will show up in their news feed.
  • You will have access to “insights”, that is, your page will keep track of visits and what people click on etc.  Your personal profile does not have this option.
  • You can run adds off your business page that will get your content out to a larger group of people (yes, this does cost money).
So, what should you do now? Well, if you really intend to market using Facebook you should decide to start a Business Facebook Page.  Do a little research.  And decide how much time each week you think you could invest in updating your Page.  This isn’t going to work if you set it up and just check back in every few months. You are joining a community of people that want to interact, not just a faceless group of buyers.
There are lots and lots of “how-to” articles online about Facebook marketing, as well good old fashioned books and even classes.  Don’t be overwhelmed! Decide to take small steps, and enjoy moving forward in your business!  If you have questions, let us know, we’d be happy to share what we’ve learned.
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