Perfectly Clean Brush Tips

11 Nov

It’s so frustrating to get ready to dip into a beautiful can of paint, only to realize that your brush is stiff and unusable.  Here’s how to eliminate that problem!

photo 5

Perfectly Clean Brush Tips

1. Use a soaking container.  Your container should hold different liquid depending on what type of paint you are cleaning out of your brush.  If you’re painting with latex, it can be lovely, simple, warm water.  If you’re using an oil based paint, you’ll need a solvent, like paint thinner.  Let your brush soak in one of these containers for 30 minutes to overnight depending on your schedule.  You should also use a wire or rod to hang your brush on so that the brush bristles don’t touch the bottom of the container and bend permanently.  You could use anything from a coat hanger to rebar, just as long as it will fit through the hole in your paintbrush.

2. Rinse, rinse, rinse.  Swish your brush around in your soaking container.  Now that your brush has soaked a good bit of the paint out, you can rinse it under a hose or in your sink.  Rinse until the water is clear.

3. Use a wire brush.  Now that your brush is mostly clean use a wire brush to finish the job.  Brush in a  downward motion starting at the top of the bristles, down to the the tips.  This removes any stuck or dried paint. Now you have a beautiful, clean brush. In a pinch you can use a fine tooth hair comb if you don’t have a wire brush.

4. Dry well.  You can hang or lay your brush out to dry.

Now, you’re ready for your next project with a squeaky clean brush.


One Response to “Perfectly Clean Brush Tips”

  1. Brian E. Mullin November 26, 2014 at 4:26 pm #

    If it is ‘too late’ for that brush, then soak it in Lacquer Thinner for a few hours, suspended, all the crud will fall out. (I salvaged some “good and expensive” Sables Oil Painting-Art Brushes this way!)

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