Start or Grow Your Furniture Painting Business

14 Oct

Paint can truly transform a piece of furniture.  From a grungy, dated eyesore, to a beautiful cherished family treasure.

Perhaps you’ve transformed a few pieces and you’re considering making it into a part time or full time business.  How exciting!  Or maybe, you’ve been painting furniture and selling it for a while, and you’re ready to grow.  Sending good vibes your way!

tbootbenchOur friends over at The Country Cupboard talk about their business: “My husband and I started our own small business several years ago. We wanted our handmade furniture to have an aged and primitive look to it. We needed to find a paint that was easy to use but that would also give us the authentic colors we were looking for. Old Village Paint has met all our expectations as well as our customers. We also sell the paint in our store for customers that want to finish their own project. There is no other paint that can match your quality. Thank you for such a time honored product.” Kathy and Chuck Moore (The Country Cupboard)

Here are a few awesome articles waiting out there in cyberspace for you.


Painted Piece Redone in Rittenhouse Ivory over Black.

If you’re in the painted furniture biz- you’re into restoration, redemption, change, and beauty.  You can see something in a piece, even before the first touch of sandpaper and paint.  Good luck as you courageously move ahead with your business plans! (Thanks to Donna Latour of the Tole Booth for the photo)

We’d love to know- what resource has helped you if you are in the painted furniture business?  Leave your ideas in the comments so that everyone can benefit!


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