Prim Home Office

7 Oct

Fall makes me think about writing letters, sorting mail and making holiday lists.  And the perfect place for any of those activities would be in a cozy home office with a hot cup of tea or cider.  Do you have a home office space? If you need some inspiration- look at these beautiful prim home offices! This first one is very simple,but gorgeous! (












The green desk in this second photo is so nicely organized.  I especially like the boxes on top, that are much more appealing than the usual paper versions. (

primofficeClover Creek Country Furniture and Crafts in Williamsburg, PA carries several beautiful items that could help make the perfect prim office.  I think the most basic items needed in a home office are: a desk, good light, a chair, and a filing system that works for you.  Maybe you need a new piece of furniture, or perhaps you just need to repurpose something you already have in your home, attic, or garage.  A beautiful coat of paint could get your item ready to create your dream office space.


IMG_0004 IMG_0008 IMG_0009




















If you have a photo of your prim office, please share it with us! I especially love seeing how people combine modern technology with classic desks and shelves.  People are so creative!  Maybe you can create a perfectly prim home office for yourself this fall. Here’s one last photo to inspire you.


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