No Redo Painting Prep Skills

23 Sep

This past week I wrote an early morning Facebook post that ended up generating lots of interest and comments. The post focused on chalk paints, and that I’m not sure it’s fair to customers to say that there is a paint that you “never” need to prime with.   (You can read the entire Facebook post and discussion here). I don’t want to get into a big war or debate here- my main concern is advising customers in a way that will help them get the best and most long lasting result for their efforts.

So here are a few painting prep skills for you that should keep you from peeling paint and the dreaded “start over” in projects.

1. Clean off your surface well.  Remove dirt, wax, grease, detergent film, rust, stains, mold, and dust. Mineral spirits work well cleaning wood.

3. Sand if necessary. Is there anything on the surface that will keep the paint from adhering to it?

4. Prime if necessary. (See below)

5. Is the surface sound, clean and dry?

6. Paint!

photo 5

In most cases Old Village Paint does not need a primer, but there are a few cases that it does.  You MUST use a primer:

1) on bare wood when its going to be used outside.

2) when your surface has a shiny or glossy surface,  like a polyurethane- or lacquer factory finish (cabinets).

If you need a primer, try our Over Under Primer. It works so well! The above instructions really cover primer/paint two in ones and chalk paint.

If you don’t prime with a chalk paint, you’re going to need to wax it to make it durable.  Many of you said on Facebook that you would much rather prime than wax.

So, those are some good painting practices that should help your next project turn out perfectly- without any peeling paint! Good luck! Laney Landis




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