Bed Frame Redo: Crackle Paint Project Success

9 Sep

Erin, from Harleysville, PA decided to step outside of her comfort zone while re-doing a hand-me-down bed frame she received from a friend.

Erin loves antique finishes, and she was planning to use neutral colors on her project, but she saw some  Old Village Paint colors she really loved and “I decided to go bold!” Erin said.

Wanting a vintage look she decided to not only paint her headboard and footboard, but also give them a crackle finish. “I knew I liked the affect, cause I had seen it. And then I watched the video Laney had done. It was easy.”

(Laney Landis, Old Village Paint owner, has several “How To” videos on You Tube. Here’s the one that shows her demonstrating the crackle effect. ) 

First Erin sanded the glossy, dark bed frame to prepare it for the paint. She used an electric sander on most of the surface, saving the more difficult hand sanding for the curved end posts that the electric sander couldn’t handle.

Then Erin painted a yellow base coat, then the clear crackle coat, then turquoise on top.

“I was nervous about messing it up.” Erin confided. But the video and directions on the cans of paint helped.

“It’s the first time I’ve used Old Village Paint, and I really loved it!”

Here are some photos of the bed frame that Erin painted.









Way to go Erin! We’re proud of you for trying something new, and delighted that you love the finished product!

cracklebedcloseup cracklebed


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