JOY! Stencil with Goopy Paint

2 Sep

Stenciling was a popular interior decorating technique in early American homes. It stretched limited resources (paint), and added beauty to bare walls. Our new product Goopy Paint makes stenciling super, super-duper easy! You won’t believe how nicely the paint stays put.

There are lots of places you can find stencil patterns. Look at this lovely one we found at Wall to Wall Stencils. It’s a historic sampler,

12.25″ Tall x 16.25″. Wouldn’t this be beautiful in a little kitchen nook, or on a board above your hearth?
Historic Sampler

Historic Sampler

Here’s a simpler stencil, if you’re a colonial decorating buff you’ll already know that pineapples were a very popular motif because they symbolized hospitality. pineappleHospitality was highly valued in colonial life, and if a family could afford it, a pineapple would be placed at the center of a table when guests visited, and then eaten for dessert.

Here’s a stenciling project that was done with our Goopy Paint: look at those nice clear lines!crowimage

Goopy paint comes in three colors, British Red, Picture Frame Cream and Wythe Chest Black. Goopy paint is thick, and your stenciling project will result in a slightly raised or “embossed” pattern. We hope you enjoy using Goopy Paint for your next stenciling project. It’s amazing!

Here are some instructions for an embossed finish.

Raised Embossed Finish

  1. Press the stencil to the area you wish to emboss.
  2. With a spatula scoop out some goop and carefully apply it to the stencil to fill in all the openings to the edges.
  3. Let it settle for a few minutes then gently remove stencil and let it dry.
  4. Paint any Old Village Buttermilk or Vintage Paint colour you choose on top and allow to dry.
  5. Sand gently to reveal edges of your embossing.
  6. Wax (if desired) with Schrack’s Cream Wax either Dark Brown or Clear. Or Antique with Old Village Brown or Black Antiquing Liquid.

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